How to seduce people's subconscious mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are people rational?

Can you manipulate someone's mind easily?
The short answer is: certainly you can. But you need to know about the following study first.

A typical smoker would walk as many as 4 or 5 blocks to find his preferred brand. It's not uncommon for a smoker to walk few more meters to get Marlboro instead of lucky strike (or the opposite).

A interesting experiment was made were regular smokers were given few cigarettes of different brands and were asked to identity their favorite brand. Here is the shocking fact: almost 70% of smokers failed to recognize their favorite brand.

If you still didn't reach the dangerous conclusion you should have reached after knowing this fact then let me make it clearer. People don't buy some brands because they are actually better but they do so because the brands unconsciously appeal to them in a way or another.

People's connection to a brand or to a person is highly unconscious. This means that the a person who wants to seduce others doesn't have to be really good as much as he has to work on manipulating the subconscious mind of people.

Why do people favor certain brands?

Upon further investigation it was found that smokers favored cigarette brands that best described their personalities. In other words, smokers didn't buy a certain brand because it's better but rather because it helped them express their psychological identity in a better way.

Some smokers want to appear classy and that's why they get attracted to brands that help them display that public image.Some smokers want to appear sociable while others might want to appear more attractive.

Each person has certain desires and needs but because most of us don't look exactly like our desired identity we use certain products to extend this identity and make it more visible to others.

People buy cars mostly because of the social image those cars help them project. Had all people been isolated from each other then their preferences for certain brands would change completely.

How to seduce people's subconscious minds

This is why the first step to seduce a person's mind is to understand him perfectly. Large companies do a lot of research to understand their customers in order to be able to sell more to them.

This is exactly the same thing you need to do if you want to control someone's mind. Lets suppose that you knew that a person thinks that he is brilliant because he reads a lot. By just showing up holding a book in front of that person he will unconsciously assume that you are brilliant.

In the Super powers course i said that it's very easy to manipulate someone's mind once you know about the right cues you should send to his subconscious mind.

I get so many messages from people who tell me that they don't really know how to understand someone's personality, deep needs and desires. There are two simple steps for achieving that goal:

  • 1- Educate yourself about psychology (fortunately everything you need is already on 2knowmyself)

  • 2- Secondly just observe that person's behavior and read his social media posts

Shortly you will be able to get inside that person's head and know exactly about his unconscious goals. Once you do so you can just send that person indirect signals, that only his unconscious mind will understand, that can affect his decisions.

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