Why logic can't motivate you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Unexplained loss of enthusiasm

So you decided to quit smoking, develop a new good habit or lose weight.
After some logical thinking you decided that this is the best for you.
You started moving towards your new goal then few hours later you lost motivation and stopped!

Does this sound familiar?
How many times have you tried to use logic to motivate yourself but got no results?
How many times you consciously made a decision but shortly lost your enthusiasm?

The good news i have for you is that this happens to everybody. So many people try to use logical thinking to motivate themselves but fail to achieve their goals or keep their enthusiasm and the reason is simple: Motivation comes from the subconscious mind which doesn't care much about logic.

The subconscious mind doesn't care about logic

Do you fear spiders?
Or do you know someone who fears spiders?
From a logical point of view most spiders aren't harmful, aren't poisonous and don't posses any threat to humans especially the very small ones.

So why do some people fear spiders or even dread them? There are numerous reasons of course but none of them is logical. The subconscious mind controls emotional changes based on its own beliefs. Those beliefs might not be logical by any means but they will still affect the mood and behavior of a person who has them.

Now when it comes to motivation the same rules apply. The subconscious mind won't get you motivated to do anything before the following things happen:

  • 1- Your plan appeals to it
  • 2- It believes your plan will work
  • 3- It believes you can execute the plan
  • 4- It trusts you (see also why cheating can kill your motivation)
  • 5- It believes you won't procrastinate or stop for any reason

As you can see the subconscious mind has a to agree on many things before it can motivate you and this is why no matter how you try to use logic to motivate yourself it won't work unless you do it right.

How to use logic the right way

So what's the right way to use logic to motivate yourself?
Here is a method that is guaranteed to work. First of all you would have to understand your subconscious mind's concerns and opposing beliefs.

If for example you discovered that your subconscious mind doesn't trust your plan then you need to work on logically explaining to yourself (or to your subconscious mind why the plan can work).

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that you need to think of your subconscious mind as a separate person who wants your best. If you want to motivate yourself then you need to talk to that person and convince him with your points. After all, that person is the one who controls your various emotions including motivation.

Note that any self deception attempt won't easily pass. Your subconscious mind will always know if you are trying to deceive yourself or say things that are meaningless just to motivate yourself.

Change your plan, improve it or convince your subconscious mind with your point of view and you will get motivated instantly.

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