Why do people feel guilty after masturbation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why we feel guilty?

Few days ago i got an email from someone who told me that he feels so guilty when he masturbates and that he wants to know the psychological explanation behind it. In order for me to explain that i have to first go through the psychology of guilt quickly.

In my previous article about Dealing with guilt and shame i explained how your mind uses guilt to motivate you to stick to your core values. If you violated your values in a way or another your mind sends you guilt in order to motivate you to avoid doing that thing again, See the power of negative motivation.

Now as you might have already guessed your beliefs about masturbation determine to a great extent the amount of guilt you feel when you do it. Not all people experience the same level of guilt simply because not all people have the same beliefs about masturbation.

Why do people feel guilty after masturbation

First of all many religions condemn masturbation and consider it a bad deed. If you come from a religious background then there is a much higher chance that you will experience more guilt if you did it.

Even if you are not that religious the fact that a part of you knows that you are doing something , that you consider wrong, will still make you feel guilty, See how our beliefs affect our perception.

Now is that the only source of guilt?
Of course no. Right after you masturbate many of the happiness chemicals get withdrawn from the body and this makes your mind more prone to bad moods. During that time many people unconsciously regret the fact that they are single.

Some others feel ashamed of the fact that they don't have partners and that they have to self-please themselves.
As the happiness chemicals get removed from the body all the things that were holding you back become crystal clear once again and so you might feel very guilty.

How self esteem is affected as a result?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when you constantly keep violating your values you will constantly keep feeling guilty and ashamed. As those feelings keep repeating themselves over and over your self confidence will start to wear out.

Yes masturbation can lower your self esteem and even cause depression. Yes it depends greatly on your beliefs of course but if you are reading this article then probably some part of your brain believes that masturbation is wrong.

Feelings of shame

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that many people feel ashamed when they masturbate because they quickly remember the fact that they can't control themselves and that they are unable to break a bad habit, See how bad habits affect the brain.

Again this only happens to people who believe masturbation is bad. With each time a person masturbates his self worth gets lowered a bit as he unconsciously believes he is too weak to hold himself.

In short there are so many reasons that could lead to those feelings of guilt. Some or even all of them might be the reason you are feeling guilty.

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