How to negotiate with your subconscious mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When your subconscious mind refuses to cooperate

In many of my previous articles i gave advice that involved negotiating with your subconscious mind and convincing it with new beliefs. For example, in my previous article about waking up early i said that if your subconscious mind isn't convinced that waking up early is important then you might fail to do so even if you have important things to do.

In addition to that when conflicts happen between the conscious and the subconscious mind you will find yourself unable to get motivated to do the things you want to do. After all motivation only happens when both your conscious and subconscious mind agree on a certain plan.

I have previously said that affirmations aren't a good way to convince your subconscious mind to cooperate simply because the subconscious mind is smart enough to realize when it's being lied to.

How to negotiate with your subconscious mind

The first thing you must understand about the subconscious mind is that it's a separate entity. In other words if you consciously want something then this doesn't mean that your subconscious mind will get along. The Subconscious mind in such a case needs to be convinced first about the importance of that thing.

The subconscious mind usually resists you when it has another goal that you aren't fully aware of. If for example you want to study but your subconscious mind believes that you will fail even if you did then you won't be motivated to study.

While your will consciously want to succeed your subconscious mind might just want you to not study or to even skip the test. You might wonder what's the possible benefit that can come out of not studying. Your subconscious mind could have the goal of preventing you from studying so that when you fail or get bad marks your self esteem doesn't get affected. See also Why the subconscious mind acts like a child

After all , according to the plan, you didn't do well simply because you didn't study. So as you can see conflict in goals between the conscious and the subconscious mind can lead to subconscious resistance and lack of motivation.

The only way to get the motivation you need in such a case is to negotiate with your subconscious mind directly to convince it to do what you want to do. See also Is your subconscious mind sabotaging your life

Talking to your subconscious

The process of talking to your subconscious mind is as simple as using your self talk to talk to your own self. Don't worry you won't get crazy when you do so. By talking to yourself you will get more understanding of the source of the resistance coming from your mind.

You need to talk to your self , or your subconscious mind, as if you are talking to someone else. During those arguments with your self you might find out exactly the cause of that unconscious resistance.

Once you find that cause you need to work on making serious changes so that your subconscious mind can trust you. After all in some cases talking alone won't be enough. Let's suppose for example that your subconscious mind didn't trust your plans. In such a case you might need to re-examine your plans to know whether they really need changing or not. In both cases your subconscious mind will have more faith in you and it will obey you as a result.

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