Why i can't wake up in the morning

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I can't wake up

I personally love sleeping. If i had time i would sleep for 10 hours everyday. I remember during college days that i used to sleep and skip most of the lectures. However when i graduated and started my business i learned how to have self discipline and to wake up on time to do the important business tasks.

but since few weeks i had a serious problem. I went to sleep early just like i do each day but i failed to wake up early for a prolonged period of time. The problem with waking up late during that phase of my life is that i have so much to do in the morning that waking up late by 1 hour results in doing much less tasks than the ones i planned to do.

I wondered where the problem is coming from but i didn't find any clues. Then suddenly i realized what's going on. My mind simply didn't want to wake up because i had a horrible workload and this is what might be happening to so many people who fail to wake up early.

When your subconscious mind resists you

Since few month i increased the amount of work i do each day. I started adding so many new tasks to my daily routine that my day became fully loaded. The amount of work i was doing was certainly unpleasant but i just kept doing the same amount of work everyday.

For 7 month i managed to commit to that tough schedule then all of a sudden my sleeping issue showed up. Upon further analysis i discovered that my subconscious mind is actually rebelling against the work schedule i created because it's anything but comfortable. See why your subconscious mind is refusing to obey you.

In short my subconscious mind made me feel sleepy because it didn't want me to wake up and do that hard work. By simply making me wake up late my subconscious mind believed that it will prevent me from doing most of that boring work.

In my previous article The subconscious mind is like a child i said that the subconscious mind is like a child that wants its desires fulfilled no matter what the consequences are.

My subconscious mind didn't realize that not waking me up on time will make me feel very stressed throughout the day and might even ruin my mood if i didn't manage to do those important tasks somehow.

What's the soloution?

If you are having a similar problem then you have two solutions. The first is analyzing what's so bad about your work day that your subconscious mind is resisting it. If you found that you have a horrible schedule or a very unpleasant job then you might need to change that.

The other soloution is convincing your subconscious mind that waking up earlier is better for you. By consciously telling your mind that when you wake up early certain good things will happen you might be able to reach a resolution and so manage to wake up early without having to change anything in your work.

You can easily convince your subconscious mind with your new beliefs by using your own self talk. Just put in mind that the subconscious mind needs proofs instead of just affirmations or repetitions of things that doesn't match its beliefs.

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