Why your subconscious mind is refusing to obey you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can your mind work against you?

Brad always wanted to be a singer when he was a little kid. As he grew up he started to believe that he has a very little chance. Because singing reminded him of his lost dream he stopped doing it completely.

Months and months Passed while Brad was working as an accountant. Brad got into a long depression that he didn't manage to get over. He went to a psychologist who prescribed some medication to him. After taking the medications for some time brad felt a bit better but something strange started happening to him.

He started getting nightmares everyday that he became unable to sleep. Whenever he tried to sleep he had a nightmare to the extent that he started developing a phobia of sleeping.

By the way this is not an imaginary story. So many people start getting nightmares as soon as they start taking antidepressants.

Do you know why this happens?
Because the subconscious mind decides to fight back!

Why your subconscious mind is refusing to obey you

Brad had a dream that he truly loved.
He didn't just decide to forget about it but he even started taking antidepressants to feel good.

But his subconscious mind didn't want that to happen. It understood how important that dream is for him and that's why it decided to fight back with nightmares.

Nightmares happen for so many reasons and there are many theories that explain them but in some cases they are just strong messages from the brain that have the purpose of urging a person to take actions.

When you ignore your subconscious mind's needs your subconscious mind might try to gently remind you of them.
But if you buried those needs and claimed they never existed then your subconscious mind might use stronger ways to remind you of them.

In the Super powers course i said that many of the dreams we get, including the recurring dreams, are messages from the subconscious mind asking us to take actions.

If we didn't respond to those dreams then the subconscious mind might find no better way to motivate us to take actions than to send us nightmares.

Are you denying your dreams?

Lack of courage, life's misfortunes and so many other factors can force a person to forget about his important dreams. But as the person gives up the subconscious mind starts resisting. Psychological disorders, nightmares, panic attacks and depression are among the things the subconscious mind can use to fight for the things it cares about the most.

And i can reassure you that there is no known method on earth to remove an important need from the subconscious mind for good. Once the subconscious mind believes that something is important no force on earth can let it ignore that thing.

Yes sometimes you can get satisfied when you get something similar to the thing you were after. If Brad wanted to be a singer because he wanted to be famous then becoming an actor might have satisfied his subconscious need and made him feel good.

But becoming an accountant is like trying to kill the dream by dawning it.
The only problems is that dreams don't die.
And this is why the mind fights back.

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