5 wrong practices that lead to depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is depression?

When your subconscious mind starts to believe that there is no possible way to reach a goal that it really wanted to reach depression happens.

Whether you wanted to be famous, rich, loved or just healthy depression happens as soon as you become 100% convinced that you can no longer reach that goal.

Each person has his own needs and desires this is why 2 people can go through the same experience yet only one of them becomes depressed.

Getting out of depression is much harder that preventing it before it happens and luckily there are some ways that i will discuss in this post that can help you prevent depression.

1) Staying around pessimistic people

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression happens when your beliefs change.So any external source that can program your mind with negative beliefs can lead to depression.

The problem with pessimistic people is that they see everything from a negative angle. The constant negative beliefs those people keep repeating will slowly program your mind until you believe in them as well.

"Life is hard", "No one can make it" , "Its all about luck", "We are too old", "We can't succeed here" and many other beliefs can lead to depression as soon as your mind accepts them as a reality.

2) Absorbing hidden negative messages

The negative messages we receive in life aren't always that noticeable. In fact many of the negative statements that change our beliefs and lead to depression come disguised in different forms.

Here is a simple example: If your favorite song talks indirectly about how hard it is to get over someone or forget your pain then eventually you will believe in those messages and they will become a part of your belief system.

As soon as your mind forms any of those beliefs depression will follow.

3) Not getting exposed to positive sources

The good news about belief formation is that you can still prevent negative messages from affecting your beliefs by getting exposed to positive ones.

A belief is formed when a certain statement is repeated over and over without any inner resistance from your mind.

When you get exposed to positive statements as well the negative statements will conflict with the positive ones and it will be much harder for negative beliefs to be formed.

4) Not reading about success stories

Stories are one of the popular methods for programming people's mind with new beliefs in an indirect way. Whether you like it or not the movies that you see and the stories that you read affect your brain and beliefs.

Now when you read about a success story your mind will start to change its beliefs about the possibilities in life and depression will be less likely to happen.

5) Not joining Optimist net

Optimist Net is a social network that only allows motivational, inspirational and positive posts.

When you get exposed to positive messages everyday those positive messages will prevent the negative ones from turning into negative beliefs and so depression will be prevented.

After all depression is just the result of a negative belief. If you prevented that belief from being formed you will prevent depression from visiting you.

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