How to silence your inner critic

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can the inner critic ruin your confidence

"Hey they don't like you"
"She didn't say hi even though she saw you"
"He doesn't care about you because you are worthless"

Do those phrases sound familiar?
No matter who you are you will sometimes hear some negative phrases coming from within that will put you down and lower your confidence.

In one of my previous articles i said that negative events don't hurt us on their own but its the meaning we give to them that lowers our confidence. If for example you assumed that your friends didn't call you because they don't like you then your self confidence will become much lower.

Now the real danger of the inner critic is that it will always give negative meanings to events. Imagine how your confidence will be like if you kept interpreting events in a negative way or if you kept putting yourself down?

After some time your core beliefs will change and you will end up feeling totally worthless.

Where do those voices come from?

Now the important question is, where do those voices come from?
Why would your mind send you negative thoughts even though its ultimate goal is to help you feel better?

Your mind has an infinite capacity for storing information. Whatever gets repeated in front of you gets stored inside that database whether it was negative or positive.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that all the negative comments you were told when you were a child, every negative word you heard from your friends or relative and all the negative ideas that were introduced to you come together and define the way your inner critic talks to you.

In other words your inner critic didn't invent those negative words but its just repeating what it got exposed to.

And as you already know the negativity in this world far outnumbers the positivity. This is why most people have an inner critic that always puts them down.

How to silence your inner critic

Your inner critic wants to help you feel better but if the only thing it was fed with was negativity then it will put you down thinking it's helping.

The only way to silence the inner critic and to turn it into a positive voice that pushes you forward is to program your mind with some positivity.

This is why we created Optimist net A place that can help you get exposed to so many positive messages that would reprogram your mind for you.

If each day you got exposed to some positivity even for 10 minutes you will end up having a positive inner voice.

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