What can Evan Williams teach us about persistence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Who is Evan Williams?

Have you heard about Blogger.com?
If you didn't then i am sure you heard about Twitter.

Evan Williams is the founder of Blogger and the co-founder of Twitter. After struggling to make Blogger popular Evan sold it to Google then later he became one of the Co-founders of twitter. This made his net worth jump over above 2 billion dollars.

Evan's early life wasn't as rosy as it seemed to be. Through Sheer perseverance Evan managed to save Blogger before it died and kept it alive until it was sold to Google. Then he moved to found the next company which later became Twitter.

How Evan made Blogger.com successful

Even confounded a company called Prya with two other partners. The company later developed Blogger and focused on making it its primary product. Even though Prya got some money from investors the money was running out fast and blogger wasn't making any money.

Evan tried to make side deals to bring more money to finance blogger but the money was running out faster than he could handle. At one point Prya was unable to pay its employees and they so they all left. Shortly Evan's partners left the company as well leaving him alone to handle technical stuff that he knew nothing about.

Evan ran out of money to pay for the rent and he didn't have a place to work at home. He posted on Blogger that he needed a cheap desk then a company offered him a Free desk to work at.

Evan's friends started making fun of him and questioning the steps he was taking for he wasn't making any money. Through sheer perseverance Evan managed to keep blogger alive until Google came knocking and bought the company.

Evan moved to Google to help make blogger grow more.

The story of twitter

Evan left Google to found a Podcasting company called Odeo. Odeo faced tough competition from Apple that it had to let go of the Podcasting business. Jack Dorsey one of the employees at Odeo suggested that they make a messaging service that allows people to broadcast messages to others.

The company refused to change its core business so Evan proposed to buy the company back from its shareholders and soon he and Jack were working on twitter.

Twitter became popular and Evan's net worth bypassed 2 billion dollars.

Lessons to learn from Evan Willams

  • 1) Perseverance pays off: Evan was very persistent. He kept going at times where all of his friends and employees quit and this is why he made it.
  • 2) Risk taking pays off: Had Evan refused to buy Twitter at an early stage he would have never became a part of it and the project itself might have never been launched
  • 3) Seeking more pays off: Evan left Google to found another company even though he already had enough money from the sale of Blogger. Hadn't he taken this step he would have never been a part of twitter

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