Can success happen at any age

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The list of people who made it after 40

Every now and then i come up across an article featuring people who succeeded later in life, usually after 40. While those articles are usually motivational and inspiring there is something that i don't like about them.

Those articles make it seem like its odd to succeed at an old age. I am not talking about the writing style of those articles but the fact that some people compile lists of those who succeed later in life makes it seem like its a rare phenomenon. I personally wrote some of those articles, here is a link to one of them.

Now the question is, is it really rare that someone succeeds after 40?
Do most people succeed at an early age?
And do old people have a smaller chance of success?

Why older people have a less chance of succeeding

I strongly believe that success can happen at any time and any age. The reason old people might have a less chance of succeeding has nothing to do with their age but rather with their way of thinking.

Here is why:

  • 1) As we get older we start to believe that we have a less chance of succeeding
  • 2) Older people are more likely to give up since they believe it's already too late
  • 3) An older person might have formed false beliefs about life and proved them right

In other words the reason we don't see many people changing careers after 40 is because of the irrational believes many people above 40 and even 30 develop. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that once a person develops negative beliefs about himself or about life then failure is very likely to happen.

You can succeed at any age provided that you maintain your healthy belief system. Once you allow false beliefs to form you will soon give up and consider yourself a failure.

The theory of luck

In my previous article How luck works i explained how successful people become successful as soon as they come across the right opportunity (which might show up later in life).

Now what if by the time the opportunity came you were not ready?
What if you gave up before the opportunity showed up?
What if you believed you are too old to give it a try?

The result will be proving your false beliefs right and failing to succeed. As i explained in the other post some people get that opportunity early in life while others get it late but if both parties weren't prepared then neither of them will succeed.

It's all about the belief system

A 17 years old who believes that he is a loser will have a very slim chance of success compared to a 40 years old who believes that he can still make it.

Success has nothing to do with age simply because it's all about the belief system. When the belief system gets full of self defeating beliefs then no matter how young a person is he won't make it.

On the other hand, a person who has a healthy belief system is very likely to become successful no matter how old he thinks he is. The moral of the post is simple: Forget about your age and fix your belief system.

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