What weakens our faith

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Faith swings in both directions

Whether it's faith in yourself, your religion or the God you believe in i am pretty sure you noticed that faith grows strong and becomes weak.

During a certain period of time you might find yourself with a very strong faith but during other times you might find your faith weak. There is no doubt that faith, in anything, can give a person a great push in life. After all faith is all about hope where as depression is all about loss of hope.

A person who has hope is 100 times more likely to reach his goals as he is much more likely to do his best. The one who doesn't have faith on the other hand might not do any effort simply because he believes that he has already lost the battle.

This is why it's extremely important to learn what weakens faith and what makes it stronger so that you can do your best to maintain a strong faith all year round.

Unanswered questions and doubts

Doubt is the enemy of faith. Many of the people who already have faith also have certain doubts in their hearts. Most people ignore their doubts, never question them and never try to seek their answers.

The result of this behavior is usually a messed up faith where a person thinks he already has faith while in fact he is not so sure of his own beliefs. Admitting that a person is confused or not sure of his own beliefs can seem like a big issue especially when it comes to religious beliefs.

This is why most people prefer to give their backs to their doubts to avoid going down that road and as a result those people end up with a very weak faith.

The first thing you need to do to have strong faith is to find answers for your doubts and for the questions that are troubling you. When you get those answers you won't have anymore doubts and so you will have a real faith.

Negative feedback from life's events

Sometimes the doubts doesn't emerge from our minds but they sometimes come as a result of certain life events that we have been through. A confident person might lose faith in himself after a devastating setback. This is an example of loss of faith that happens after doubts enter the hearts of people due to an event that they couldn't really handle or understand.

First of all the main reason of loss of faith after a bad event is giving a bad interpretation to the event. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that after a certain failure a person can either conclude that he has a done a mistake or that he is a mistake.

The meaning people give to events can be the difference between maintaining a strong faith and between losing faith.

Faith must be rebuilt

If faith was lost or weakened then a person must work on building it simply because it usually doesn't come back on its own. Many people do nothing in regards to their faith no matter what happens to it then complain about the fact that they don't have a strong faith.

If your faith has became weak then it's your own responsibility to rebuild it again.
And just like everything else in the world this step requires some courage.

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