4 ways to prevent your beliefs from being shaken

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How important beliefs are

Ever had a strong belief that became weak later?
Ever had a business idea that you believed in then later you gave up on it?
Ever had an important dream that you really wanted then later you lost hope?
Ever believed in yourself then thought that you are no good?

Beliefs are much more important than you think. Self confidence is nothing more than the beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities. Depression is nothing more than a set of beliefs that make you think that you have no hope or a way out. Faith is nothing more than a set of beliefs that you acquired throughout life.

Beliefs aren't just ideas that determine how you think but they are the ideas that determine who you are, what you feel and who you will become.

Because beliefs are extremely crucial for your psychologist stability its extremely important that you know how to protect them and prevent them from getting changed.

How do beliefs change?

Any idea can become a belief if it was strengthened with proper evidence that appeals to the subconscious mind (and not simple affirmations that go against your existing beliefs).

A belief becomes weak when its challenged. Lets suppose that you had a new business idea and was really happy with it. Now if someone told you that this idea is really bad your belief might weaken a bit. If two more people told you the same thing then the idea might weaken further until you give up on it. (provided that you didn't strengthen it again)

But do you really have to get negative feedback about your beliefs in order for them to weaken? The quick answer is no.

Beliefs can weaken as a result of the information you collect through your senses even if you spoke to no one. Lets suppose you believed that you are not attractive then came across an attractive person from the opposite sex who didn't pay attention to you. In such a case your self talk,the conversation that happens inside your mind, could make the belief that you are attractive become weaker.

By telling yourself that this person didn't pay attention to you because you aren't that good you are actually changing your beliefs without noticing.

How to prevent your beliefs from being shaken

Whether you want it or not your beliefs will get tested and even weakened unless you keep strengthening them every now and then. Here is what you should do in order to protect your beliefs:

  • 1) Inside the mind of the confident: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the analysis of the thoughts of confident people have shown that they keep praising themselves often in their self talk and as a result they keep strengthening the positive beliefs they have about themselves.
  • 2) Learn how to interpret data correctly: In addition to the previous point one of the very important habits that can help you protect your beliefs is to learn how to not incorrectly interpret the data you receive through your senses. When you avoid collecting negative evidence by seeing things in a twisted way your beliefs will not weaken. (see also Why do most people live a twisted reality)
  • 3) Avoid the dream stealer: If you have a friend or a group of friends who are known for negative thinking or putting people down then you might want to avoid talking about your important beliefs in front of them not so that they don't weaken
  • 4) Complete the missing information: Lack of knowledge always leads to doubt. When you start having doubts about an important belief start seeking the right knowledge right away in order to strengthen that belief once gain

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