Why do i find it difficult to get up in the morning

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

"I'm Not Ready To Get Up Now"

Do you quickly hit the snooze button when your alarm rings and hope that these extra 5 minutes of sleep would never end?

Do you fear the minute your alarm would ring again because you know you'll be late when you decide to sleep for yet another five minutes?

Many people say that it is these extra minutes they sleep after they hit the snooze button that refresh them and allow them to get up. But this is only a myth.

Why Is It Difficult To Wake Up?

You may not believe it but if alarm clocks were never invented, our bodies would just wake up naturally through a biological clock.

Our body clock activates chemical mechanisms that work to wake us up. The body starts to prepare itself in the hour before you naturally wake up. The temperature of your body rises, your sleep becomes lighter and chemicals such as dopamine and cortisol are released to give you energy to start your day.

The reason you can't get up easily in the morning is that your alarm often interrupts your sleep cycle and stops these mechanisms before they can finish their work. The alarm goes off but your body hasn't been prepared to wake up. Finding it difficult to get up is known as "sleep inertia" and results from your waking up from a deep sleep.

What's The Effect Of The Snooze Button?

When you feel like you can't get up you decide to hit the snooze button but this can be more harmful than useful. When you go back to sleep your body starts a new sleep cycle and causes you to go into deeper sleep stages.

So instead of telling your body to wake up, you would be pushing it in the opposite direction. Therefore, you will feel even more tired when the second alarm rings.

Studies have found that fragmented sleep undoes all the good effects of sleep and makes you tired during the day. So by hitting the snooze button over and over again you would be doing nothing except causing yourself to feel exhausted throughout the day.

How To Get Up Easily In The Morning?

One in every four adults believe their work schedule doesn't allow them to get enough sleep. However, these tips can help anyone get up easily in the morning.

  • 1)Have a fixed Sleep Schedule: Try having a fixed time for sleeping and waking up. Being tired is not only caused by not getting enough sleep each night or waking up from a deep sleep. It is also caused by not having a regular schedule.The body loves habit and predictability.

    If you follow a regular sleep schedule and stick to a bedtime that begins about 8 hours before the time you want to wake up everyday, after some time your body will get used to this timing and may not even need an alarm to wake up.

  • 2)Stick to the schedule on Weekends: A recent research found out that not changing your bedtime during the weekends makes it easier for you to wake up on weekdays.

    You might think it is harmless to change your sleeping and waking up time during the weekends but the truth is that your body clock gets disturbed because it can never be adjusted to having a "weekend schedule". This is why you should have the same bedtime and waking up time during weekdays and weekends.

  • 3)Get enough sunlight: Being exposed to bright light for an hour or two after you wake up can help make your body clock adapt to your wake up time.
  • 4)Choose A Good Place For Your Alarm Clock: Don't place your alarm in a place you can reach it while you are still in bed. Put your alarm clock at the far end of your bedroom so that you would be forced to get up to turn it off.

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