Why Doesn't Your Way Always Work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

We are different

Note: This is a guest post by Amr Abbas:

We all prefer to do things in a specific way that we like. There is a bit of selfishness in every one of us and sometimes that selfishness is the reason of success in some twisted way. But sometimes your way is not the right way. Sometimes people will stand against you and tell you that you should watch this or that so you would realize that there is someone who can do better than you.

If you are one who likes to go with their own methods and means then you are going to have to prove to others why the way you choose should be the one they take. Let's say that you are a driver and you are going on a trip with three of your friends. Each one of them will tell you to go in a specific direction but since you know this by heart then eventually the road you choose will be the one that you take. However, if you are not and you take your friends on a trip then it will be much more difficult to convince them to take your way.

Each person should do what suits him

The general example will explain the situation but if you want something more specific then let’s say that you are going on a diet. There are many body types and there are many things that each person would need in his diet. If you are going to try to convince a friend of a completely different body type to follow the same diet that you follow then most likely it will not be as healthy to them. Diet differs from one body to the other. If there is a specific meal that you make and one of your friends wants to know how you make it, they will most likely change the spices a little bit depending on their taste.

If you only like things to go your way then you are going to face great difficulties in your life, in your career, in your romantic and social lives. There are many ways that you could do one thing with and the way you prefer will be different from the way another one prefers.

If you are not flexible enough to allow others to choose the way they want around you then you are going to end up alone with no friends. Almost every relationship counts on the fact that you can be flexible with your partner.

Embrace the difference

There is no single way that could fit everyone but there are different methods that lead to the same destination. As long as you know that, then you are safe to keep on going with life.

If you believe in yourself well enough then you will not have to force your lifestyle on anyone. If you trust your partner enough then you will not have to tell them to go in a specific direction because ultimately if they reach the same destination then your relationship is going to last. You should have the ability to trust people on themselves and you should be flexible enough to accept the trials and the ways others would rather take.

What matters the most is the destination and the moral of the method you use, not the small differences that you should avoid.

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