Why are men not romantic

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are men not romantic

One of the main reasons people fail to understand others is that they believe that everyone in this world is like them. When a person expects everyone to act like him without understanding that as humans we are different he easily gets confused when dealing with others.

The question why are men not romantic is a common question but do you know that this is the wrong way to ask this question? . Asking the question this way means that you are assuming that all men are the same while in fact each person is different than the other.

Is he romantic?

When it comes to romance there are two types of people in this world, romantic ones and bargain hunters. Being able to determine to which category your partner belongs to will help you understand his behavior better.

Romantic people are the ones believing in the ideal love they saw on television. Those people are usually obsessed with romantic movies, songs and they dream of finding a romantic partner.

They people usually are the ones who fall in love at the first sight and they are the ones who get disappointed the most when their partner forgets their birthday date.

Bargain hunters

Bargain hunters are way different than romantic ones, they don’t look for romantic love as much as they look for a bargain. They think about love with their minds and their decision Is 100% based on logic.

While the reasoning for a romantic person would be "I love him" the reasoning for a bargain hunter would be "She looks good and we have some common interests, that would help our life go better"

Bargain hunters look for potential partners the way they look for a car or a gadget. Once they find the things they are looking for they decide to get into a relationship even if they don’t have intense emotions.

In My book The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i made it clear that understanding the fact that each human is different from the other is crucial for the continuity of a healthy relationship.

When romantics meet bargain hunters

You might have guessed the type of problems that could arise when a romantic woman meets a bargain hunter man.

While she would be focusing on spending romantic time with him the man would be focused on the practical aspects of his relationship.

There are romantic men and there are bargain hunter women. The key to a successful relationship is understanding your partner and knowing the category that he belongs to so you can have tolerance for his behavior.

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