Why do men spread adult jokes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why we do what we do

Why do men share adults jokes?
Apart from the fact that they can be funny, is there another reason behind that behavior?

When you study psychology you will get to realize that anything a person does is done to serve certain important unconscious goals even if the person thought he was doing that thing for a totally different reason.

A person for example could claim that he drinks because he loves drinking but when you investigate further you will usually discover a very important need that drinking helps that person satisfy. Gaining more courage? Becoming less socially awkward? Maybe, the possibilities are infinite but they are always deeper than the "because i love it" answer.

The World men live in

Sometimes in order to understand someone's behavior you need to study the environment he lives in. From their early years men are pressured to be more masculine. Masculine traits are glorified to the extent that so many men feel inferior because of thinking that they are not masculine enough.

Now on the top of the masculinity talk comes sexual abilities. Men who are impotent or who suffer from premature ejaculation can quickly feel inferior to other men because of the strong connection people make between sexual abilities and masculinity.

In short men feel proud if they can have good sex and lose confidence when they believe they are not as manly as they should be.

What does jokes have to do with all that?

Each small action a person takes serves a higher purpose. Men who have doubts about their masculinity will try to appear more masculine. In my previous article Why do some men hate to wear pink clothes i explained that the desire to show absolute masculinity could be one possible reason.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that men who have doubts about their masculinity are more likely to tell and share adult jokes. When they do so they feel more masculine and more confident. Yes the joke can be funny else it would have not appealed to the man who said it but the reason the man recalled this specific joke has a lot to do with reasons that are not related to the funny part. (see also We have a selective memory)

When i talked about The psychology of jokes i explained how people find the jokes that serve their important goals funnier than other jokes.

If a man wants to feel superior to women then a funny joke helped him achieve that goal he will like it twice. The funny part will make it appealing and the desire to be superior will make it just great.

So many men share adult jokes but the ones who do it very often usually have a lot of self doubts.

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