Why do some men hate to wear pink Clothes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The pink man

Why do some men hate to wear pink?

Some men like pink but the majority don't consider the color manly enough. In order to understand why so many men hate to wear pink clothes you have to get a quick idea about the way the human mind works.

Our brains depend on associates to give different meanings to things. As we collect data through our senses we keep forming new associates and strengthening old ones. If for example you think that a task is boring then most probably you have associated the emotion of boredom with that task. (See also Why new things make us feel good)

The same exactly happens with colors. As we grow up we keep giving colors certain meanings. And no, i am not talking about the psychological effects of colors but i am talking about the private associations each person forms about certain colors.

A man who thinks that Black reflects power and who is in the same time in need to appear powerful might wear black clothes all the time.

The Masculine protest

From their early years men are pressured to be strong, brave and emotionally resilient. Under the effect of that pressure many men try to send messages to society that show that they are masculine enough. Adult jokes, the use of steroids and irrational risk taking are all examples of methods that some men use to prove to the world that they are masculine enough. (see also How to read a person like a book).

Just as some men take actions to prove that they are masculine they also take actions to prove that they are not by any means Feminine. Pink is a color that is associated with women and that's why men who eagerly want to demonstrate their masculinity can hardly wear pink.

The society has programmed men to think that anything feminine is weak, bad or defective and this is why so many men refuse to do anything that can be connected to feminism in order not to look weak. (See also The masculine protest)

Doubts about masculinity

Under the constant pressure exerted by society many men start to feel inferior because of thinking that they are not as strong as they should be. Those men will hate anything that will remind them of their weakness complex. In other words those men might hate the pink color completely because it reminds them of the weakness they suffer from.

In my previous article about criticism i explained how humans sometimes criticize and attack the things that remind them of their own flaws.

By calling others weak a man who has doubts about his strength can keep the fact that he is weak hidden from himself because he can't confront it.

Does this mean that men who hate pink have issues?

Of course no.
The values imposed on most men can force them to hate feminine stuff. Sometimes the man is to blame, sometimes he has issues and in other times its just the Society's problem.

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