How to read a person like a book

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The wrong way to read people

Few days ago a friend of mine showed me a status of a person he is concerned about and asked me to tell me more about that person's personality.

In my previous articles i said that anything that comes out of a person can tell a lot about his personality. The way a person talks, the way he walks, the things he buys, the words he uses, the pictures he shares and anything else that is connected to him can tell a lot about his personality.

But the biggest mistake people make when they try to understand others is that they assume that one simple clue can lead to knowing lots of information about a person while the truth is that any simple clue can lead to so many assumptions that can only be confirmed when other matching clues are found. (see also Understanding human behaviour)

Yes everything related to a person can tell some information about his personality but you can't assume that a finding is right before its confirmed by more than one clue.

How to read a person like a book

Here is a practical example of how to read people like a book. In the next picture the black dots & black text describe the different actions a person does. The blue lines are the assumptions you should make about his personality as a result of each action he takes.

Lets suppose that the first thing you noticed about that guy is that he wears tight clothes that show his muscles. In such a case there are so many assumptions that would seem right, few of them are shown on the diagram (he is showy, he just liked how the clothes looked like or he wants to appear more masculine).

The one other thing that person does is that he shares adult jokes frequently, a behavior that men usually do to assert their masculinity. At this point two dots can be joined to form a straight line but still that's not enough evidence to assume that this guy wants to appear more muscular. (see also How to understand people through their jokes)

But there is another action that this person does that is also aligned with that same assumption we made, this guy uses the words man very often. "Man up", "Act like a man" and "Be strong like a man" are among the common phrases that guy uses often. (see also
How the words people say reflect their personalities

Now those three actions can be perfectly aligned to form a straight line and so we can safely assume that the assumption we made is correct.

Connecting the dots

This guy has doubts about his masculinity. When he was young bullies used to beat him in front of his class mates. As a result he developed the psychological goal of becoming very strong.

When a person develops a certain psychological goal so many of his actions start pointing towards that same exact goal. This is why it's extremely easy to read a person provided that you get some information about him.

People sometimes tell me that they can't find information about the people they are concerned about but that's a lame excuse. The amount of data any one of us has left on the internet and the different social networks is enough to let anyone know every single detail about the way our minds work.

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