Why many of the people who criticize you are actually hypocrites

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inferiority and compensation

Compensation for perceived weaknesses is one of the popular methods people use to regain their sense of power and control. It's not uncommon for a person who suffers from intense anxiety to claim that he fears nothing. The act of compensation helps people hide their weaknesses and appear stronger in front of others.

But like many of the popular psychological defense mechanisms compensation can also go wrong. A weak man might compensate by being cold, ruthless and unfriendly. By doing so he believes that he is hiding his soft side from others.

The forms of compensation are numerous and as you might have already guessed one of those forms is criticizing others!

Self deception and criticism

I wrote many articles earlier about self deception and explained how can people deceive themselves by creating lies that can help them maintain their psychological stability then believing in them.

A person who deceives himself is not brave enough to face reality and that's why he chooses that unusual path to attain psychological stability. Now what do you think is the best way for a person who is not brave enough to feel good about himself?

The answer is to deny the existence of his own flaws.
But what is the best way to do that?

By pointing fingers to others and accusing them of having those flaws!

Why many of the people who criticize you are actually hypocrites

One of the most popular strategies cowards use to hide their own flaws is to accuse others and criticize them so that they can distract themselves. A person who always feels afraid can accuse you of being a coward. A person who is too insecure can criticize you for the same thing.

The reason this trick works is that the subconscious mind of that person assumes that he really hates that trait and that it's impossible for him to be suffering from it.

Of course many of the people who do that aren't even aware that they are using such a strategy. This is why they will strongly defend themselves if those facts were pointed out to them.

In short many of those who criticize you are no more than cowards who didn't dare to admit that they have certain flaws.

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