How to stop being so weak

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stop being so weak

Why do we sometimes feel so weak when facing life problems and why do we feel strong in other times?

I have been through times where i had major problems yet i was standing my ground bravely and i have also been through times where i felt so weak even so the problems i was facing were tiny.

What makes a person strong in the face of life and what makes him sometimes so weak?
Because i was eager to answer that question i kept searching and searching until i found something like a formula that can help you stop being so weak in the face of your problems. In this article i will tell you about some of the secrets for power i discovered.

What makes a person weak?

Below are the major life factors that could make you become so weak in the face of life:

  • False beliefs: Beliefs are formed as a result of life experience but the interesting fact many people don't know is that people collect numerous false beliefs about the world as they grow up. Believing that the sun rises from the east is great because its a fact but believing that there is no hope, that you can't succeed, that life won't give you what you want or even that you are worthless is something catastrophic. If you don't want to be so weak then read this guide to get rid of your false beliefs.
  • Lack of knowledge makes you weak: Lack of knowledge about the soloution to a problem or the lack of the ability to search for a soloution makes the person helpless. After all if you faced a problem but knew that you can get the answer somewhere you won't feel bad at all. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that Weakness and helplessness are two sides of the same coin and both of them are triggered when you find yourself unable to do anything in the face of a problem. If you want to be strong then learn how to search for solutions when you face a problem instead of lying helpless in bed
  • Limited resources can make you weak No i am not talking about money or anything material but i am talking about time. Lets suppose that you faced a certain problem and had to search for a soloution but in the same time used to work for 15 hours a day, won't that prevent you from finding the soloution? Certainly this will make you weak. Being unable to find time to search for a soloution is exactly similar to not being able to find a soloution. So how to prevent this kind of weakness? Its as simple as freeing yourself completely whenever you face a major problem until you decide how you are going to deal with it then returning back to your normal life when you have a plan
  • Being stuck in the past: One of the biggest factors that can make a person weak is being stuck in the past. What is meant by being stuck in the past is believing that the the only possible solution to a problem are the ones that have been tried in the past. This doesn't only limit your creativity but it assists in making you weaker by letting you create false beliefs. After all if you tried everything and nothing worked then there is no hope, right?

So how to become really strong?

Based on all what i said doing the following would prevent you from becoming weak and would make you much stronger in the face of life:

1- Get rid of false beliefs
2- Free yourself as soon as you encounter a major problem
3- Keep searching for answers until you come out with a possible action plan
4- Return back to your normal life routine while applying the plan.

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