How to become strong

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become strong

Yesterday i was in the cinema watching a movie with some friends and suddenly i started wondering why do we watch horror movies and never feel bad while in the same time we feel really bad whenever the slightest tough event happens to us in real life.

I was trying to understand why we see people suffering in the movies and never feel bad while in the same time we collapse whenever we suffer from the slightest drawback in our lives.

As i kept reading and observing i discovered the following: We feel completely confident while watching a movie because we know that we are going to be OK no matter what we see. Even if the movie scares us a lot we know that its just a movie and that we will never be harmed.

But what does this has to do with becoming strong?
Let me tell you

Strong and unaffected

While noticing people's body language during the movie i discovered something else. Some people feel really bad (not for the heroes but for themselves) whenever they see certain things in the movies while others never become affected.

For example one friend feels bad whenever she sees a man betraying a woman or breaking her heart. This happened because my friend's heart was broken few months ago and she didn't seem to heal completely yet.

People feel bad when they see something that reminds them of their own pain and the empathy they develop when seeing the movie hero's suffering is rooted to the shared problems they both have.

So to summarize everything, there are two types of people, those who feel bad whenever they encounter something that reminds them of their problems and those who feel safe because their problems are already under control.

In order to be a strong person you need to make sure that your problems are under control so that you don't feel bad every now and then whenever something reminds you of one of them.

How to be strong?

These reminders doesn't stop at movies but they do exist everywhere in our daily lives. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that mood swings happen on the unconscious level as a result of seeing something that reminds us of an unsolved problem.

You might be feeling absolutely OK and then suddenly right after you hear a certain comment, see a certain picture or even read a certain word feel really bad.

The more unsolved problems you have in your life the weaker you will become and the more likely that every now and then your mood will swing. Some people even have a very big number of problems to the extent that they always feel down all the time as each few moments they come across something that reminds them of one of their problems.

If you want to become really strong then learn how to solve your problems, to accept the ones that can't be solved and to look life straight into the eye instead of escaping.

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