How to experience less fear and anxiety in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear ,worrying and your brain

Each bad emotion that you experience sends you a step further from happiness. Even if your life is going well you will hardly be able to experience happiness in the presence of fear and anxiety.

The problem with fear, anxiety and worrying is that they are very powerful emotions that can ruin any good mood you experience. There are some very important facts about fear and worrying that you might not be aware of.

The Fear and anxiety about one life area can spill over to another life area. If for example you worry often about your financial situation then you are very likley to start worrying about other things such as your health.

When you experience fear or worrying for long periods of time your brain becomes wired to worry more. Your brain is an amazing device, it can be shaped in any way to do the required function but if the programming it received promoted bad emotions then the result will be a brain that helps you experience those bad emotions in a much easier way.

Just like you master a certain skill, such as driving a car, when you do it repeatedly your brain can master some bad emotions and become perfect at creating them. The more you train your brain to experience those emotions the more spontaneously they will visit you the next time.

How to experience less fear and anxiety in life

Now the important question is, how to get over fear, anxiety and worrying?
I am sure you have came across nonsense advice such as "just stop worrying" or "just forget about it". The problem with these advice is that they never work because they underestimate the brain's desire to fulfill a certain objective.

Your brain worries for a reason even if that reason was related to your own perception of events. And because that reason is so important you can't just tell your brain to stop worrying because it simply won't respond.

The right way to get over these emotions is to ease your worries and fear by taking serious actions. Lets suppose You started to worry about your health. In such a case you will only ease your worries if you followed a healthy life style. No matter how much you try to change your mental attitude you will still end up worrying as long as you don't take actions. (see How to solve life problems)

Now to end fear and worrying for good you need to find all of the life areas that concern you then you should write plans that help you ease your worries about those specific areas. (see Why you should write a plan)

Ending worrying, anxiety and fear for good

When you start applying these plans, provided that you take them seriously, you will start to worry less. When you start to worry less the brain connections responsible for fear, worrying and anxiety will disappear and you will start becoming fearless.

Don't you sometimes feel that you have became a different person? Its because your brain structure has changed in such a way that you started seeing life from a different angle. The good news is that just as these connections can grow they can disappear as well.

Just follow a robust plan then stick to it and your fears will diminish.

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