How to turn despair into happiness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to turn despair into happiness

Note: This post was inspired by Al Pacino's inspirational speech in any given Sunday.

How many times you felt that you are stuck and that there is no way out?
How many times you believed that you got defeated?
How many times you lost hope in life?

Depression, lack of motivation, indifference and despair are all different forms of loss of hope. When you experience any of these feelings positive advice sounds ridiculous and unrealistic that's why they never affect you but when such positive advice is given in such a way that appeals to your subconscious mind they will motivate you instantly.

Do you know what's the difference between a soccer player who scores a goal and a player who misses? The difference might be one second delay, one single move, one single thought or one single idea.

Life is the same as soccer and football games. One minute late and you miss a great chance, one wrong word and you lose a job interview or one single wrong decision and you don't quite make it. The margin for error in life is too small that a single action can determine your fate.

But just as the slightest mistake can let you lose a good opportunity the slightest correct action can help you take advantage of it. One minute earlier and you get to arrive before someone else, one right word and you get the job or one single decision and you succeed in life.

Its all about these small changes

Each day you are given uncountable chances to change minor things in your life that can make all the difference between winning and losing. Don't underestimate those small changes because they are the reason some people succeed and others fail.

Sleeping half an hour earlier will result in a dramatic change in your looks after sometime, Thinking for half an hour each day about a way out can result in a better life in a matter of months or exercising for 20 more minutes everyday can result in a great self esteem in a short period of time.

One decision to be braver in life, that takes less than a minute, can change your life forever, One move in a direction that you always used to avoid can turn your life around or one single step today can lead you to a new life few weeks later.

The changes you need in order to succeed in life doesn't have to be large and dramatic but you just need to change your life one inch at a time. And because those inches are everywhere around us you shouldn't have any problem in changing your life right now.

Every single moment you have a chance to change one of those inches. With every breath you take you have a chance to do something differently. And all you need to succeed in life is to be patient until those inches accumulate as the time passes and make you successful.

The difference between living and dying

Those who succeed in life are the ones who fight for those inches every single day until they get what they want. Long ago i wanted to become a successful entrepreneur but for some reason everyone was against me. I focused on gaining small inches each day with disregard to the rejection i was facing.

After few years my business prospered and i became a self made millionaire (see my book How i did it)

The people who truly live are the ones who fight for those inches each day. They are the ones who do their best to make these small incremental changes whatever the cost was. They are the ones who swear a pact to change whatever they can change even if everything was against them.

That's the difference between losing and winning. That's the difference between living and dying.

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