Why do people have different tastes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people have different tastes

I can’t describe the great feelings I had right after I watched the movie Troy in the cinema. Actually I bought the CD of the film later and kept watching it almost everyday in my spare time for weeks.

I thought that this was the best movie ever and that everyone else will agree with me until I met people who didn’t like the film at all.

At the beginning I was shocked because I thought that everyone will like such an amazing movie, but later on, when I understood new concepts in psychology I realized that what’s amazing for me might not even be interesting for someone else.

Resonance & tastes

People like things when they resonate with their own way of thinking, beliefs or dreams. People like the things in the outside world when they match their inner world.

For me, life is like a war, I either fight to get what I want or I either fight to preserve what I have and that’s why I like war films especially when they are as good as Troy. Movies like troy remind me of my fictional identity of being a warrior.

when a friend of yours likes a sad song that talks about breaking up then make sure that he is either feeling bad because of a recent breakup or that he believes in the words of the song.

Resonance and falling in love

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I explained how similarity can be one of the essential ingredients for love. Some people mistakenly think that we fall in love with those who are similar to us but the correct fact is that we fall in love with those who have similar traits to the ones we like about ourselves.

If we you like the fact that you are generous but hate the fact that you can’t control your anger then you might become attracted to a generous person who can control his anger.

Knowing someone’s personality

You can easily know someone’s personality, beliefs and deep values through the movies, songs and things he likes. Instead of analyzing the person himself you should just analyze all the things that resonate with him.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that short term mood changes are a reflection of the person’s real beliefs. For example when I feel angry I like to listen to rock music because it resonates with my inner feelings at that time but this doesn’t mean that I am always angry.

In summary, people like things in the outside world when they match their own inside world and that's why we have different tastes.

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