Why is Game of Thrones so popular - The psychology behind it

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

But it's boring

To some people Game of Thrones is a very boring show. After all it's slow, has too much details, has so many characters that you need to write down the names in order to remember them and is anything but a family show due to the so many explicit sex scenes it has.

The people who don't like Game of Thrones stand amazed in front of the fact that this is one of the most viewed shows in American history.

So why is the show very popular? And why do so many people watch it?
And if the show is really amazing then why do some people hate it?
In this article i will answer that question from a psychological point of view.

Why is Game of Thrones so popular

  • 1) Women like how women rise to power: So many women like Game of thrones because it shows how women rise to power in a manly world. This is pretty much analogous to the difficulties women face in the modern world.

  • 2) Frustration that never ends: Throughout the show people keep getting frustrated by seeing the bad ones do many bad things without getting caught or punished. Because that frustration is hardly released people keep watching the show hoping that the bad guys will get punished
  • 3) The unconscious desire to be liberal : Some people , unconsciously, like the world where incest, homosexuality and all other kinds of sexual encounters are possible and allowed. While those people will hardly claim that directly still it's one of the reasons they like the show. Of course many of those who love the show get offended by those scenes. See also how watching Porn can make you Homosexual
  • 4) Taking Curiosity to a new level: The fact that the plot is so complicated and that guessing the next event is really hard takes curiosity to a new level. Also the fact that the events are too slow to unfold keeps people curious. See why we become curious.
  • 5) Some people enjoy the complexity: Intellectual people usually enjoy the level of complexity they see in game of thrones. This is one reasons why many smart people like the show
  • 6) Love of violence: One of the unconscious elements behind loving war movies and violent games is the love for violence and gore. Game of the thrones has a shocking amount of violence that appeals to violence fans. See why some people like horror movies
  • 7) They enjoy seeing the power struggle: Many books have talked about the power struggle , especially in politics, but non have provided a very clear image on what it looks like. Game of thrones is all about power struggle and how it takes place in real life.

What does this tell you about people

The first thing you need to understand is that people are different. Yes so many people watch game of thrones but still so many others dislike it.

The second note here is that the popularity of a show can depend on more than one different reason with each of those reasons having it's own audience. In other words a person can love game of thrones because he loves 3 things about it. Another one can be watching it because he loves 5 things about it and so on.

For example some people love sword fights and war movies. Those people were drawn to game of thrones only to watch those fight scenes.

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