If it doesn't kill you, can it really make you stronger?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

If it doesn't kill you, can it make you stronger?

I am pretty sure you heard that cliche statement so many times before. After all it sounds logical that if a certain bad thing happened to you and you managed to survive then you will be stronger.

But does this really happen?
Do problems really make us stronger?
The right answer is : it depends on your response. If you suddenly had to face a serious problem that forced you to change your beliefs about yourself , to lose confidence and to feel desperate then certainly that problem will make you weaker and not stronger.

All people survive life problems except the ones who commit suicide. The definition of survival here is being alive after the problem ennds and this doesn't mean that each and every person becomes stronger after facing those problems.

But the good news here is that there is a practical method to help yourself become stronger after facing a new life problem. Let's see how this happens.

How can a problem make you stronger

Few weeks ago i fractured one of my palm's bones during a boxing match. I have been through that exact kind of fracture 10 years ago and guess what the reason was? Boxing as well.

The difference between those two phases of my life is that 10 years ago i didn't have any work to do while these days i have to respond to mails, write articles and do lots and lots of things as i am managing two businesses. Now if my response to this problem was giving up, waiting for my right hand to heal or experiencing panic then this problem will certainly make me weaker.

For the first few days i didn't work ,except for the urgent stuff, and i made a serious research about fast recovery from fractures. Next i came up with 11 lifestyle and diet changes that can help me recover super fast. In the next few days i started learning to do everything with my left hand.

I then bought a resistance cable which i can tie to my arm to still be able to do some exercises while my hand is sill in cast. This can speed up recovery a great deal according to the research i made.

Those kinds of actions send direct and clear messages to my subconscious mind telling it that no matter what happens i will still keep moving forward. Even though this is a simple problem still it can increase my strength as my mind realizes that i am a strong person.

Each problem is a chance

Each new problem that you face is a chance to get the best out of you and to prove something to your subconscious mind. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that your subconscious mind is like a bystander who always judges you.

If that bystander saw you doing well in life then it will give you more self confidence. If on the other hand it saw you acting weak , desperate or helpless then it will lower your self confidence.

Yes a problem can make you stronger but this can only happen when you face it properly. The difference between just surviving and fighting back is what determines the effect this problem will have on you.

Moral of the story?
Fight back.

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