Your attitude towards problems might be the cause of your disorders

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What caused that disorder?

Sarah, not a real person, used to get serious panic attacks whenever she went out of her house. Sarah couldn't find a job, her chance of getting into a relationship was nonexistent and she hardly knew anybody but her two close friends.

After further investigation it was found that Sarah was too afraid to face life because she is too afraid to fail. When Sarah was young her parents always compared her to her younger sister that she felt worthless. As she grew up her old wound was further strengthened when her younger sister found a good job and managed to get married before her.

At that point Sarah developed panic attacks and stopped getting out of her house. Sarah never understood that the main purpose of the panic attacks was to prevent her from testing her self worth not to be compared to her sister again.

Even though Sarah is not a real person i have personally seen that case so many times.
Now the important question is why don't everyone who lived through the same conditions develop panic attacks?

Why did Sarah's unconscious mind use panic attacks to prevent her from doing anything instead of trying to help her? The answer lies in Sarah's past attitude towards problems.

Why is your mind sending your certain disorders

When Sarah was a little kid she used to pretend to be sick on exam days. Sarah was too afraid to get bad grades and so she consciously wanted to act like she is sick so that she escapes the tests.

When Sarah was in high school she was too afraid to speak in the class when asked to answer a question so she used to sit in the last row hoping that the lesson would end without her turn coming.

Throughout her life Sarah chose to evade the problems she doesn't want to face. She consciously set plans to escape from every unpleasant situation because she wasn't brave enough to face those situations. As Sarah grew older she taught her subconscious mind, indirectly through her behaviour, how to evade any unwanted problem by running away from it.

When Sarah started facing serious challenges her subconscious mind started helping her by using the same old strategies she used to use. By sending her a panic attack her subconscious mind made sure that she will evade the tests of life without blaming her self or feeling ashamed.

After all it would be too shameful for Sarah to admit that she is afraid to fail in her when her younger sister succeeded and so her mind came up with this plan , that is based on her based behaviour, to help her feel good.

Your attitude towards problems might be the cause of your disorders

Your attitude towards life problems determines to a great extent the type of psychological disorders you might get. If you taught yourself to feel good by putting others down instead of achieving more then at one point your subconscious mind might send you a disorder such as paranoia in order to make you think that you are more important than everyone else and that's why they are plotting to harm you.

You could also develop OCD and wash your hands hundreds of times everyday just because you want to be cleaner than everyone else which is a cheap way the subconscious mind uses to feel superior over others.

Your might be responsible for most of your psychological disorders because you have been acting the wrong way since a long period of time that your subconscious minds learned those ways and used them against you.

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