Why most people don’t choose their religions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How people acquire religious beliefs

Religion is a sensitive topic. As soon as its mentioned many people get uncomfortable and the reason for this experienced discomfort is simple. First of all a person might get offended if certain beliefs were discussed and secondly so many people are too insecure to discuss their own religious beliefs.

Most people absorb their religious beliefs from their families. They consider those beliefs solid facts and then they usually defend them for the rest of their lives.

Whenever someone comes near to the religious beliefs of a person the later usually feels uncomfortable. The main reason many people don't feel good about discussing their religious beliefs is that they never thought logically about them. They just learned them the way they are then kept believing in them without questioning them or looking for answers.

Now 20 years or even 50 years after trying to avoid any kind of discussion related to those beliefs a typical person would want to avoid any kind of conversation just to avoid getting near the beliefs he has never questioned.

Why most people have weak faith

Faith is the absence of doubt. In my previous article What weakens our faith i said that unanswered questions and the doubts we have about our own beliefs weakens our faith. Now unless we get answers and seek them our doubts will remain and as a result we will have weak faith.

Now the way most people deal with religion makes their faith weak. After all if a person is avoiding discussion or even avoiding searching for answers then he will just keep his doubts as they are.

Very few people actively search for answers for their doubts and even the majority of the ones who search for answers have a biased opinion. Its almost guaranteed for a biased person to skip certain facts and to ignore other ones just to prove to himself that his beliefs are 100% true. See How people twist the facts to support their beliefs

Most people assume that what they learned from their parents is the truth , and in some cases it is, but in most cases following those beliefs blindly might result in a blind faith or a weak one.

Few years ago i wrote the book I saw God which is not a religious book but a one that focuses on the idea of the existence of God and provides scientific proofs for it. I didn't write that book because my parents told me that there is a God or because i was raised with those beliefs but t just did my homework.

For years and years i kept making a research until i found what i found. That's why i feel totally OK to discuss such beliefs with people. Because i don't feel insecure about my beliefs i can confidently discuss them with others.

Doubt, insecurity and research

When it comes to religious beliefs insecurity usually results from doubt and uncertainty. A person who isn't too sure of his beliefs will feel too insecure to discuss them or to even look for answers. That person might even fear Googling the things in his mind just because he is afraid to find anything different than what he was raised to believe in.

When i talk about religious beliefs i am also talking about atheism. So many atheists developed those beliefs without making a proper research or finding solid evidence to back their newly acquired beliefs.

The reason most people never choose their religions is that they assume that whatever they learned from their parents is correct then they defend it blindly for the rest of their lives.

Seek your answers, don't inherit your beliefs.

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