Why some people hate positive quotes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with positive quotes

Yes as strange as it sounds many people hate positive quotes and find them annoying. Of course those people don't usually hate all of the positive quotes but they generally don't get a pleasant feeling when they come across them.

For the first instance this might seem weird. After all every person should want to add some positivity to his life, right?

Well the problem here isn't with positivity or negativity but it's with the mood that those quotes get people into. So many people have given up on success in life in life. Some of those people have formed false beliefs about life while others have just decided to give up and forget about everything they ever wanted.

When people who belong to the first group come across a positive quote they usually find that it contradicts with one of the false beliefs they formed and so they don't feel good.

In such a case the positive quote isn't just a statement that is trying to make them become positive but it's a statement that challenges one of their core beliefs. In my previous article Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions i said that people do their best to defend their false beliefs simply because they need them to maintain their mental stability.

I want to hide

The second group tries to forget about their goals and does their best to get rid of any of the reminders that can remind them of the fact that they have given up. Those people usually develop beliefs such as 'life is about enjoying the moment' or 'life is too short to do something you don't like'.

Those people usually have an internal conflict inside their minds between the part that wants to give up and the part that is still attached to those goals. Those people try to maintain their stability but not giving the part that still wants to achieve the goals any hope.

Now when those people come across a positive quote it acts like a reminder of everything that they were trying to forget. In such a case those positive quotes result in a tremendous amount of emotional pain and they make the conflict inside their brains grow stronger.

Hating positive people

Both group usually dislike the ones who go lengths in writing positive things. This is pretty logical, after all if positive stuff is considered a threat to those people then the ones who are overly positive are also considered a threat.

If i were to point out a single reason that forces both groups to think that way it would be lack of courage. After all being positive is all about being brave. In order for a person to be positive he has to have confidence, faith and a great amount of courage.

Those who lack courage decide to get rid of the responsibility and blame someone else. This is why they usually dislike anything that tells them that they are still responsible for their own lives.

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