Why you have a problem concentrating on anything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you have a problem concentrating?

Do you have a problem focusing on anything?
Do you have a problem concentrating at work?
Do you have problems studying?

Few moments ago i got a message from one of my coaching clients who was saying that he was trying to watch a video tutorial but could hardly stay focused. While the client was describing a personal problem he faced it came to my attention that this is a universal problem that needs some more attention.

So many people fail to stay focused on their studies, courses, work or the important things they do without knowing the reason. What might make this matter more confusing is that those people lose concentration while doing very important things that directly affect their lives. A person for example could fail to concentrate on his job (which helps him pay his bills).

I decided to write this post to help you understand why you sometimes lose concentration even when the task is very important to you.

I can't concentrate on work

John always had a problem communicating with people. He didn't have a high self esteem and always felt bad during social encounters. However this problem only bothered him when he met new people or went to public places.

John had problems concentrating on his work but never understood what was going on. What happened here is that John's mind used to remind him of the social situations ,where he acted weird, whenever he started working.

John's subconscious mind found that he didn't bother to solve the problem or dedicate any extra time to think about it and this is why it decided to remind him of it whenever possible.

Because John used to keep himself busy all day by watching interesting movies, hanging out with his close friends and doing other interesting activities his subconsciousness mind found it hard to interrupt him during those moments.

But when he started doing a relatively boring task such as working his subconscious mind found it the best time to remind him of his unsolved problems.

This is why in my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that keeping yourself busy is a very bad idea. Your mind will always want you to solve your important problems or to work on them. Now if you tried to escape from them then your mind will keep reminding you of them whenever it can.

Do you really want to concentrate?

What if John was too afraid to finish his work so that he doesn't find himself free?
If this sounds strange then let me make it clearer.

What if John had no friends and didn't want to have any spare time not to be reminded of this fact?
Of course no rational person would do so and this is why the subconscious mind, which does irrational things all the time, does it instead.

John's subconscious mind doesn't want him to concentrate on his work for if he did he will finish on time and if that happened he will get reminded of the fact that he is lonely. (See also Self deception psychology)

Now does this mean that every person who fails to concentrate either has unsolved problems or doesn't want to finish?

of course no. As i always say the same behaviour can happen for so many different reasons but by understanding some of those reasons you would be able to understand the way the subconscious mind operates and you will be able to change your behaviour.

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