Be Practical!!

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I Want to Drink in the Green Cup!!!

A man was very ill to an extent that he was going to die, the doctors advised that if he took a certain dose of the medicine x he is going to survive.

That was real good news for the man’s family. They brought the medicine and offered it to him but surprisingly the man replied “no, I will never drink it in a blue cup, I want the cup to be green”.

They brought him a green cup and offered it to him but he said “no, its cold, I want it to be hot”. Sadly there was no much time left in his life and so he died.

You act like him too

Stupid man huh?
Well in fact you too act this way,Yes, you do exactly like that man did, you sometimes focus on things that are not important in such a way that you distract yourself from the important things. just read the following examples to get what I mean:

  • Someone who can’t study from a book because its cover is torn or because its pages are yellow.
  • Someone who do don’t visit a content rich website because it does not have pictures nor flash movies. I dont mean my website:)
  • Someone who picks his/her life partner based on his/her looks only

Those were just few examples. Most probably if you tired to find more you will end up with a huge list. Look at how many opportunities you are missing because of your way of thinking.

know that unless you become a practical person you are going to miss lots and lots of chances that could have improved your life. Focus on drinking the medicine without bothering the color of the cup!!

Practicality and perfectionism

Perfectionists are people who try to do everything perfectly.
This might sound like a good thing but in fact perfectionism prevents people from reaching their important goals as a result of letting them focus on silly and unimportant matters.

Whenever you find yourself thinking like a perfectionist remind yourself that being practical is the only way that can help you reach your goals quickly.

Practicality and escapement

Sometimes a person can become unpractical just to escape from the responsibility! Of course he never does it directly but instead his subconscious mind plays that game to help him escape from a task that he doesn't like without letting him feel guilty!

This means that a person could lack practicality because he is afraid to peruse a certain goal or because he doesn't want to take the responsibility.

Procrastination and lack of practicality usually coexist together and in many cases they both stem from the same root. They are both an indication that something is going wrong and that your subconscious mind is trying to hide it. (see Self deception examples)

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