How to read people's minds (Learn how to read people)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to read people's minds (Learn how to read people)

Is it possible to read people's minds?
Is there a way that can help you read the mind of another person?
Can you guess what another person is thinking about using a certain method?

Apart from magic and superstition there are scientific methods that can help you read people's mind and know their current states of feelings. In this article i will tell you how to use such techniques to read people's minds.

Body Language and Mind Reading

Some people mistakenly think that the only use of body language is knowing the personality of other people but that's not right. Although body language can be used for reading people's personalities still it can be used to determine the current emotional state of a person.

This is very similar to mind reading because you will be able to detect the person's emotional changes the moment they happen. For example, if a person disliked something you said you will be able to know this through his body language and it will appear as if you read his mind.

An Example of Mind Reading Using Body Language

If you were a salesperson and noticed that a customer took the negative evaluation gesture as soon as heard the price of that mobile phone you were trying to sell to him then you can easily conclude that he didn't like the price.

Now you managed to guess what happened inside the mind of that person by just noticing his gestures.

Using such mind reading techniques can help you have better relationships with your friends and spouse. In my book, The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i explained how self understanding and the ability to understand others can help you avoid conflicts and live a happier life. Body language is one of the best tools that can help you in understanding people as it will enable you to read their minds.

NLP and Mind Reading

NLP can also be used for mind reading. By watching the eye movement of a person (NLP Eye Accessing Cues) you can easily guess what operation is happening inside his mind.

Although this method won't tell you exactly what he is thinking about still it will enable you to know few things that are taking place in his mind as if you read it.

By learning about both body language, NLP's eye accessing cues and using some intuition, you can develop the ability to read people's minds with good accuracy.

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