How to brainwash someone into loving you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to brainwash someone into loving you

Can a person make someone else love him?
Isn't love a random process that can't be controlled?
Or is there some kind of a walk around?

The world we live is governed by strict rules that will never change. Put a piece of wood on the water and it will always float or put a pin on the same water and it will always sink.

Love also, follows strict rules but the reason most people can't manipulate it the way they manipulate other things is that they don't fully understand those rules.

How love happens

I admire Linkin Park but i spent months not listening to them (coincidence).
The reason i like linkin park is that some of their songs resonate with my beliefs, some of the words they say match the exact words that sometimes come up in my brain. (see The psychology of music)

So i can say i like the way likin park thinks.
Few days ago i was browsing songs aimlessly on youtube then i can across one of linkin park's greatest songs by coincidence.

I started listening to the song over and over until i started telling myself , i do really love those guys, they are amazing.

No they are not amazing, they are stunning, i adore their songs!!

did you notice what just happened here? something that was not in my mind at all suddenly occupied my mind and even became more appealing.

How to make someone love you

so what does this has to do with love?
Love happens when you become interesting and available. Available means that you appear often, become reachable and show interest (indirect interest of course)

When a person finds that its possible to be with someone he starts to think more about him even if he is not interested in him initially.

This is the point where impressing the person by showing him that you have traits that can help him satisfy his unmet needs do miracles.

How repetition brainwashes the mind

I spoke about how repetition can easily brainwash the mind in many of my previous articles. The fact that i kept listening to the song over and over forced my mind to get programmed.

In other words when you keep showing your good traits and when you keep showing up often then you will remain at the back of the mind of your target and your chance of attracting them will become much higher.

What happens here is that each thing that reminds your target of you affects their beliefs about you directly. Even though beliefs might seem very strong still they can get very fragile if enough pressure was applied. As you apply the right pressure the beliefs of your target will change and they will end up liking you.

So let me sum this up

1) Capture attention by being interesting (linkin park did it by echoing back my beliefs to me)
2) Be available and appear often
3) Play on the unmet needs of people, they can do miracles if used wisely.
4) Keep repeating everything to brainwash the mind of your target

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