Causes of abnormal behaviour in humans

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some people do strange things?

Why would a person lie, show off, act in aggressive way or engage in any abnormal behaviour?
Why do some people do very strange things?
Why are there freaks, weirdos and people who deviate greatly from known social norms?

In my previous article Unmet needs psychology i explained how people behave in ways that help them satisfy the unmet needs they developed earlier in their lives.

Now what if a person didn't find a socially acceptable way to satisfy one of the these important needs? Since most people wont be able to function if those needs were left unsatisfied people will engage in weird and strange behaviour just to satisfy them.

The main reason we find weirdos or freaks is that people can do anything to satisfy these needs even if their actions weren't quite acceptable by the society.

causes of abnormal behaviour in humans

When Sam was young he always believed that his younger brother got more love and attention than him. As a result he developed an unmet need of being in the center of attention.

Sam managed to find a job as an actor and as a result he managed to satisfy that important need in a socially acceptable way. In other words Sam managed to reach a state of mental stability because he manged to match his important need with a job that can satisfy it.

Dave on the other hand have been through the same childhood experiences that Sam has been through but when he grew up he worked as an accountant. Dave's voice was loud, he always made noise everywhere he went and sometimes he lied or made up stories without knowing the reason behind his abnormal behaviour.

Because Dave didn't manage to reach mental stability in a socially acceptable way he tried to reach that state in other ways such as making loud noise and lying.

Dave was a much more mentally stable than Brad who started stealing from others and then became an outlaw. Again Brad was trying to reach the same goals Sam and Dave were trying to reach but because he didn't find any better way he decided to became a an outlaw in order to catch the attention of the media.

How can abnormal behavior be treated

Any abnormal behaviour can be treated as soon as a person is directed to a socially acceptable way that can help him satisfy his needs. In such a case he will reach the point of mental stability and he wont find any need to continue with him abnormal behaviour.

Once you look at strange behaviour that way you won't just get to understand people more but you will also be able to get over your own unwanted habits.

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