Leaving a positive impression using the imagination of others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The power of the unknown

Some People fear dark places because they don’t know what they might find in there but as soon as they discover that there are no ghosts in a certain place their fears disappear. Why do you think this happens?

We human beings use our imagination to fill the gaps. whenever we find ourselves facing something mysterious our mind quickly builds conclusions about it even if these conclusions were completely incorrect.

So what does this has to do with leaving a positive impression? Read this article to know how to use the power of the unknown to leave a striking first impression.

How to use this information to leave a good impression

Now after knowing this fact there is a very good technique that you can use to leave a very good impression. Suppose you have learned body language and as a result become able to know people's emotions through their gestures.

Now if you went to your friends and told them that you read about body language they might think of you as the “body language guy” or the “guy who reads a lot about psychology”

Now what if you started telling your friends about their states of feelings without telling them about your knowledge of body language?

What if you told them that you developed the ability to read the minds of others? You won’t be lying because it’s the truth.

In such a case your friends will use their imagination to guess how you do it and as a result they might think that you have superior skills.

Hiding your secrets to leave a positive impression

As long as people don't know how you do things you will appear more mysterious than you are. The moment someone knows about the ways you use you will appear to be an ordinary person.

Don’t blow your cover, if you have any extraordinary skill then never give explanation for it because this will make people discount your skill but if you linked it to the unknown you will have that strong effect on them.

Making people love you

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how the first step to attract a person to you is to let him think about you even more.

Nothing can motivate someone to think about you more than being mysterious. The more mysterious you appear to be the more will people think about you and the higher will be your chance of attracting them to you.

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