Do looks really matter to women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do looks really matter to women

Do looks really matter to women?
Will an attractive woman always look for an attractive man to marry?

One of the most common misunderstood theories states that people look for partners who have the same attractiveness level as they do. The problem with this theory is that almost everyone get it incorrectly and that's why most people wonder when they see a very attractive woman dating an average looking guy.

In fact looks might or might not matter to a woman depending on her specific preferences. In this article i will tell you whether looks do really matter to a woman or not.

Why do looks matter sometimes to women

Why do looks matter to women in some cases and do they not matter in other cases?
According to the psychology of love people get attracted to those who have a similar total score to them.

For a women who wants to rate a man's attractiveness, this total score might be composed of many factors such as 1)looks 2) financial success 3) popularity ....etc

Now each of these items is assigned a certain weight based on the woman's background and past experiences. A woman who is very attractive might not give looks a high importance but an average looking woman on the other hand might want to date an attractive guy to prove to her friends that she is capable and worthy.

So when asking the question do looks really matter to a woman you need to understand first how that specific woman calculates the total score of a man and what are the most important items in her list.

For one woman looks might be on top of the list while for another woman looks might be present in the bottom of the list or not present at all.

Do looks really matter to women in general?

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that according to most researches woman care less about looks then men do. A man can choose his life partner in seconds after seeing her but a woman usually needs more time to asses the man's personality traits as most women give them higher weight than looks.

Of course a woman would like to be with an attractive man but to most women looks wont count that much provided that the man looks acceptable and that he posses the important personality traits they are looking for.

In some special cases looks will really matter to a woman of course but for the general population of women looks will come somewhere below in the list that they use to calculate the man's total attractiveness score.

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