Face Reading (personology): Facial Lines

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology) and Facial Lines

We are not born with facial lines; they are developed through our lives. Lines can reflect a certain personality trait as we will see below:

  • Two vertical lines between the eyes: This person is very hard on himself, he rarely takes time to celebrate his achievements; he may push himself to work until he falls down.
  • More than two vertical lines between the eyes: This person is usually very idealistic, he tends to be a perfectionist; he wants everything to be done perfectly and everything to be in its place. If that person is your manager, then you may be in deep trouble because meeting his perfectionism could be very hard.
  • Horizontal lines across the nose: Some people have horizontal lines crossing over the top of their nose. These people are overly responsible; probably have been given lots of responsibility when children. These people rarely think about having fun.
  • Grief lines: Some people have two lines below their nose and on either sides of their mouth. Those are called grief lines because they appear when that person is sad for prolonged periods; a loss of someone close may result in the appearance of these lines.

Horizontal lines across the forehead

I am sure you met a person who has some horizontal lines on his forehead. Take a look at Albert Einstein's pictures and you will get what i mean.

Some people claim that those lines are developed as a result of the brain activity that takes place.

Those who support this theory say that people develop these lines when they learn complex skills and when their brain connections become well developed. In short if a person has these lines you can assume that he is an intellect to a certain degree.

Face reading accuracy and practice

Face reading is not as easy as body language. Don't expect to read few articles then become a professional face reader in few days. In order to master face reading you need to be a little patient.

First begin by reading about the different facial features and their meanings. Next learn how to recognize a certain facial feature. For example most people won't be aware of the different types of noses or eye brows before they get introduced to face reading.

After you find yourself capable of recognizing these facial features well you should start rereading the personality traits associated with the feature.

This will take sometime but if you persisted you will make it and you will be able to recognize many personality traits during your first meetings.

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