Fear of change psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

fear of change Psychology

do you always park your car at the same place ?
Do you always sit at the same table when going to a restaurant ?
Do you do the same things or go to the same places on the same days ?

do you rarely try something new ? if your answers were yes then you suffer from the fear of change.

The comfort zone is a logical area that makes a person feel safe. Going out of the comfort zone is uncomfortable for many people and dreadful for others.

People who fear change prefer to stay in their comfort zone being because of not being able to withstand the uncertainty of doing something that they are not used to.

Psychological reasons that can make you afraid of change

Apart from wanting to remain in their comfort zones there are are many other psychological reasons that could cause fear of change like:

  • Fear of failure: One of the most common reasons for fear of change is a poor past experience that the person has been through. If a person suffered from certain trauma at any stage of his life then he might develop fear of change in order to help himself feel safe. For example people who experience emotional turmoil after failing to do something might avoid doing that thing for the rest of their lives
  • Over protective parents: According to individual psychology your childhood experiences affect your adulthood. Over protective parents and parents who spoil their children teach them indirectly how to fear life and how to be afraid of change.
  • Fear that the past repeats itself: A woman who was raised by a cold father might fear relationships as a result of wanting to avoid meeting another cold man. Fear of change here was caused by the fear that the past repeats itself
  • Over sensitivity: overly sensitive people always fear change. Their sensitivity makes them unable to bear the outcome of unknown situations and this makes them afraid to change what they are used to.

Overcoming fear of change

overcoming fear of change is not a hard task you just need to force yourself to do the things that you are afraid of.

In order to help yourself get out of your comfort zone do things that you aren't used to. If you are used to eat normal food then try Chinese food , change the places you go to or the tables you sit at or travel somewhere else to see a different culture.

Even if these changes were small still they will program your mind on a new way of thinking that allows you to accept change.

Finally find out if your past experiences has anything to do with your fear of change then work on fixing the root causes that are related to your past.

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