Fear of the unknown

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The man who feared to approach the Mountain

Once upon a time there was man who lived in a house nearby a big mountain. The man has always heard stories about a beast living behind the mountain and so he always feared to approach the mountain until one day his small daughter ran until she disappeared behind the mountain.

The man became mad, felt anxious, afraid and terrified but he had no option other than to go there. He collected what was left of his courage then headed towards the mountain.

As soon as he approached the mountain he started to shake but he got a hold of himself and went behind the mountain. The man was amazed to discover that behind the mountain was no more than a beautiful lake!!!

That man had spent twenty years of his life afraid of what was never there because he lacked knowledge about what was there.

Fear and the unknown

Why do you think some people feel afraid of the darkness? They fear it because they don’t know what kind of danger may be waiting for them there. Those people fear the unknown because they don’t have enough information.

A very big part of fear is lack of knowledge. Did you notice how some people get terrified when they suddenly find something dropping beside them then on discovering that it was just a bag they calm down? They fear it at the beginning because they don’t know what it is but on knowing what it is their fears disappear.

Don’t live your life in fear, go to the places that you fear the most and face your fears in order to discover that they are irrational. As soon as you discover these facts your fears will become less intense.

Knowledge and fear of the unknown

Knowledge is power. No this is not just a motivational statement that i am using to make you feel good but its a true fact.

The foundation of many of your fears including the fear of the unknown is lack of knowledge. Imagine yourself discovering that this snake you were running from is not poisonous, well you feel afraid of it anymore?

Of course you won't!! learn more about life and you will become brave.

Unconscious fears

Studies found that we can feel afraid on the unconscious level. In other words you might be afraid of the unknown just because there is something that you are afraid of but not fully aware of it.

For example, people who worry often might fear the unknown. While they might be thinking that they are afraid of something that doesn't exist the truth is that their unconscious minds are just reflecting their worries.

In short, If you constantly run from your fears or avoid them then its quite possible that you start fearing the unknown after some time.

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