How to be among the best

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be among the best

Yesterday a reader sent me the following message "Hi Farouk, I am studying hard to get accepted in a certain institute. I kinda lost hope because they will only accept 1% percent of the applicants and i am tired of studying. what can i do?"

This sounds familiar right? The situation where only 1% are going to get the reward and the remaining 99% are going to lose is so common. Starting from job interviews, moving through special exams and up to relationships, the number of winners is usually around 1%.

So the question that should have came to your mind is, how to be among the best? or in other words how to be among the 1% who win?

Why do some people lose?

If you want to be among the 1% who win then it makes a lot of sense to learn why 99% of people lose. The below story will explain it all:

10 different people completed college successfully. The 10 people wanted to become financially successful within few years but only one of them made it!

The first two kept trying and trying but they decided to give up along the way because their efforts where yielding no results. The third decided to play it safe and to avoid taking any risk, in other words he was afraid of failure and because of that he failed before he even tried!

The fourth started his journey with a great deal of enthusiasm but shortly he started to procrastinate and waste time and eventually time ran out before he managed to do anything.

Number 5 and number 6 were put down by their friends and so they developed the false belief that they will never make it! As a result of this belief they both stopped and never tried! (see How limiting beliefs are created)

Number 7,8 and 9 were taught that success is all about being lucky and that life is unfair. As a result they never managed to do their best and so they failed. (see How to make life fair to you)

number 10, tried hard then failed. He felt down but he stood up again and gave it another try. He kept trying and failing for years until one day he managed to do it and he became among the best! (see How successful people become successful )

Do you know how you can be among the best?

Do you know how you can be among the best?
Do what most people won't do!
If you want to be among the 1% who succeed then do what the 99% of people who fail don't do.

This might seem like a hard advice but when you examine what 99% of people do you will find that they procrastinate, give up, collect false beliefs then stop or even fear to take the first step.

When i finished college i found some people playing it safe, i found others taking risks then giving up upon encountering a failure or two, i found some people procrastinating and i found people who believed that success is all about luck. I refused to behave like the 99% of people i met at that time and shortly i became a self made millionaire at a young age. (see the Ultimate guide to becoming rich)

Being among the best is as simple as being different. Refuse to behave like the 99% of people who fail and you will be among the 1% who succeed.

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