How to make your life miserable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make your life miserable

His biggest dream in life was to become a writer. He always used to visualize his dream and smile each night before he falls asleep. One day he decided to make his dream come true so he started taking actions. After few failures he gave up. He felt so bad and became severely depressed.

One day he met a friend who told him about a new concept that sounded like it could save him, this concept was Acceptance!

"Why can't you just let go, accept the fact that you can't become a writer and live a happy life" Said his friend

Since that day his depression eased. He seemed to have became happier. People believed he became better.

But in fact..
He turned into a living dead.His Life became meaningless! After all the only thing that gave meaning to his life was his big dream. And now that he has nothing to fight for, his life become miserable.

Do you know how you can make your life miserable?
Give up on what you really want then call it acceptance!

Acceptance Vs declaration of defeat

There is a great difference between a person who loses a limb and decides to accept this fact and a person who loses a battle then decides to admit defeat and call it acceptance.

Do you know who are the real miserable people?
They are the ones who decided to use the term acceptance to feel good about themselves on the short term only to end up severely depressed on the long term.

That guy who always wanted to become successful and who is now a procrastinator, that person who always wanted to live an extraordinary life and who is now living a mediocre one and that person who had a big dream and who now gave up on it are examples of miserable people.

Living a miserable life is just a choice since you can only say that you were defeated when you decide to give up.

How to not live a miserable life

Do you want to know what true happiness is?
Its the realization of your dreams. For each person these dreams will be different but the concept itself will be the same.

Live your dreams and you will know what true happiness is.
Decide to accept facts, bad news or defeat and you will end up being one of the most miserable people on earth.

Every time you will see something that reminds you of a dream that you gave up on you will feel really bad. If you want to live a happy life then put in mind that giving up is not an option.

Success is not easy i know.
but living a miserable live is not easy as well.

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