My life is meaningless (finding the meaning of life)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

My life is meaningless (finding the meaning of life)

I get many mails from readers who tell me that their life is meaningless and that they can't find the meaning of life.

Before i can tell you what is the meaning of life you must first understand that each human being sees the world differently.

In my article personal of reference i explained how each person gives different meanings to different things based on his own past experience.

This means that the meaning of life for you might be completely different from the meaning of life to someone else. People who claim that meditation or certain practices are the key to finding the meaning of life never understood the fact that each human being is different than the other and that there is no one size that fits all solution for finding the meaning of life.

In this post i will tell you why do you think your life is meaningless and i will also help you find the meaning of your life.

Why is your life meaningless, finding the meaning of your life

During our childhood and as a result of our past experiences we create our own private map of the world. We assign certain importance to certain things based on the specific experiences we have been through. (see How childhood experiences affect adulthood)

That's why some people value money the most while others don't care about money and that's why some people become extroverts while others lose interest in people. (see Social isolation causes)

The goals you define during your early years determine the meaning of your life. If you believe that your life is meaningless then this only means that you couldn't achieve these important goals you developed at your childhood!!

My life is meaningless is an expression that actually means: I never managed to create the conditions that can make my life meaningful.

People who find their life meaningless

Here are few examples of people who found their life meaningless. The purpose of these examples is to show you that moving away from your important life goals can be the reason you believe your life is meaningless:

  • My Life is meaningless Sam was the youngest child in the family and everyone used to give him extra attention. During his childhood Sam developed 2 goals, the first is to always be in the center of attention and the second is to outperform his peers just as he used to outperform his siblings(see Youngest child personality traits). When Sam grew up he found himself stuck and he couldn't achieve either goals and as a result he believed that his life is meaningless without understanding the fact that the problem was not being able to achieve his important goals
  • Finding love: Sarah never felt that her father loved her and as a result she developed the goal of seeking love wherever she is. When she grew up she met a guy and fell in love with him but when he cheated on her she felt that her life is meaningless. Again that feeling is only an indication that she didn't manage to meet the important unconscious goals that are buried in her subconscious mind

In few words, if you want to find the meaning of your life then you need to dig in your subconscious mind to find the goals that you value the most so that you could fight for them.

You don't need to achieve these goals first in order to find a meaning to your life because as long as you are fighting for them your life will seem extremely meaningful to you.

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