Youngest child personality traits

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Youngest child personality traits

What are the personality traits of the youngest child or the last born?
When the youngest child is born the first thing he discovers is that he is surrounded by more capable adults who can do many of the things he can't do.

As a result of this situation the youngest child finds himself in he usually becomes overly ambitions and highly competitive. Youngest children usually are the ones who usually make big changes to the world as a result of their extreme ambition and their strong fighting spirit.

There is one important fact you must understand about how personality traits develop which is that there are two ways in which a person could respond to his environment, The first one is a the positive way which involves a positive response that helps the person grow while the other way is the negative one which prevents the development of a healthy personality.

For example in the case of the youngest child he can either adapt positively to his environment by becoming very ambitious and so make great achievements in his life or he may give up and develop personality traits such as shyness and helplessness as a result of losing hope in beating the competition.

So we can conclude that the personality traits of youngest children aren't common among all of them because the way they respond to their environment differs.

How the personality traits of youngest children are formed

Another important fact you must understand about the development of personality traits is that each adult grows up trying to replicate the favorable conditions he used to live in when he was a child. So if the youngest child was spoiled (which is very common) then he will grow up becoming an adult who is overly dependent on others.

Some Youngest children develop a combination of both personality traits i mentioned earlier. For example a youngest child might become very ambitious at the tasks he considers important (like his work) while becoming overly dependent on others in the tasks he considers less important (like depending on his mom to make food for him even when he becomes old)

Parenting style and personality traits of youngest children

The birth order is only one of the factors that affects personality traits thus it makes no sense to analyze someone's personality before taking other important factors into consideration like the parenting style.

If the youngest child was raised in house that gave him extra attention than his brothers and sisters then that child might turn into a showy adult because that way he will be able to replicate the favorable condition he was in when he was young.

Youngest children have a burning desire to be the first at everything they do, being the youngest child myself i discovered that when i was eagerly reading about psychology trying to understand why do i always want to be on the top of everything that interests me.

If the parents of the youngest child were overprotective and if they pampered him too much then he might develop some undesirable personality traits such as a lack of self confidence.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that youngest children who are pampered and who are not allowed to face life themselves fail to develop the life skills they need and thus start feeling inferior compared to others.

That's why Pampering youngest children is one of the main reasons that could result in letting them develop inferiority complex.

One final personality trait that youngest children sometimes develop is selfishness. If the youngest child always found everyone around him serving him then he might grow up thinking that he is more important than others and thus become self centered.

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