I feel defeated by life again

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling defeated once Again

Do you feel defeated at work or in your career?
Do you feel defeated by life?
Are you wondering why you are feeling defeated?

The main reason you are feeling that life has defeated you is that you don't have a proper understanding of how life works or how successful people made their way.

In this article i won't only tell you what to do in order to escape this bad mood but i will give you a formula that will prevent you from feeling defeated by life again.

Why do i feel defeated by life

If you read about the success story of any successful person you admire you will discover that most people know nothing about his life other than the last part.

Just like you those people were defeated many times but the reason you never knew this fact is that you just looked at the final picture instead of knowing about the hard road they took to reach their success.

In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich i said that before this site reached success i felt defeated more than once and even thought about quitting but in the end i made it and became a self made millionaire. Had i accepted defeat you might have been been reading this article now.

I know that sometimes you might feel defeated at work or anywhere else because you tried hard to reach something and failed to do it but let me tell you something, you have the choice of either living like a warrior or like a an ordinary person who feels defeated.

Once you admit that you are defeated you will be sending an unconscious signal to your mind telling it that the battle is over and that this is the end of your journey.

At such a point limiting beliefs will start to form and you will have a miserable life.

This is what to do when you feel defeated by life

Before you even feel defeated decide that you are either going to live like a victorious person who has all what he wants or like a warrior who fights for what he believes in.

You see, the difference between a warrior and a person who feels defeated by life is nothing more than the way they see things. While the first knows that the war is still ongoing and that being defeated in a battle doesn't mean that the war is over the second thinks that this defeat was the end of the world.

Whether you want it or not you will go through Hard times but you can make the choice to go through them like a warrior or like someone who feels defeated and broken.

If you are wondering why you are feeling defeated its because you believe that the battle is over while in fact, its your choice to keep fighting or to give up and feel defeated.

Write this on a paper and hang it above your desk and you won't feel defeated by life anymore:

"I will either Live victorious or fighting like a warrior, living defeated is not an option. Id rather die on my feet than live on my knees"

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