How to recover from bad first impression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to recover from a bad first impression

The first thing you need to do in order to recover from a bad impression is to understand that limiting beliefs such First impression always lasts are not true.

I know a girl who met a guy and got an impression that he is an ordinary guy who has nothing special. After going through a horrible relationship this girl realized that this guy was an amazing person and actually got married to him.

If this can show us anything it would be that recovery from a bad first impression is 100 possible.

Recovery from a bad first impression

Once you get to know little more about psychology you will discover that people always keep changing their opinion about others all the time.

The following 2 reasons are the most common ones that let people change the bad impression they previously formed of someone:

  • Bad first impression can change as a result of Coming across new data: A materialistic girl might think that a man is not attractive until she discovers by chance that he is rich. In such a case the bad impression she formed of him will change and she will find him attractive.
  • Poor experience can help in changing a bad first impression: Just like the example i mentioned in the beginning of the article. A person may not realize your true worth until he meets other people who give him hard time. This is the second factor that can help in completely changing a bad first impression

Based on these two facts its clear that you can recover from a bad first impression once you show a person that you are not as he used to think.

Don't fall in the trap of social approval by trying to chase people just to show them that you are good because that will certainly result in a loss of self confidence even if it assisted you in the recovery from the bad first impression.

Are you sure people formed a bad first impression of you?

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how many people incorrectly interpret life events in such a way that results in loss of self confidence.

If someone didn't talk much at your presence or if someone didn't smile back at you then this doesn't mean that he formed a bad first impression of you. What if that person was shy? what if that person had a bad day?

Recovering from a bad first impression can sometimes be meaningless if the problem was caused by your false perception.

Unless you have a powerful clue that you can depend on to judge whether a person formed a bad first impression of you or not you must focus on building self confidence and fixing your distorted perception instead of trying to recover from a bad first impression.

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