How to see the big picture in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What happens when you think too much of the small details

Life is too random and unsystematic that its very easy to get lost in the small details while you are on your way to achieve your big goals. In fact, most goals take some time before they can be achieved and as this period of time becomes longer getting lost on your way becomes more possible.

Lets suppose you wanted to be the CEO of the company you work at. In such a case little details such as monthly expenses, unpaid bills, no salary raise and problems with your direct manager can easily distract you and prevent you from thinking about your big goal.

As you keep thinking more and more about those small details you will find less time to think about your big goals and when this happens you will lose your enthusiasm. Ever had a goal that you really wanted to achieve then you simply forgot about it?

This happened because you got too focused on the small details that you found no time to think about the big picture anymore.

How to see the big picture in life

So how can this problem be prevented?
In order to keep your big goals intact you need to bring them back to your consciousness. You need to recall your mission in life every now and then and remind yourself of what you are fighting for. Here are some tips that can help you do that:

  • 1) Dedicate sometime each week for planning: free 1-2 hours (or more if you need) each week and use that time to think about your big goals and your ultimate mission. The purpose of this time zone should be reminding yourself of your big goals and isolating yourself from all the distractions in life
  • 2) Use a symbol that reminds you of your big fight: Can you draw a symbol that reminds you of your big goal? Even if you can't do that you can simply pick one from the internet that appeals to you and that describes your mission. Now print that Symbol and hang it above your bed, put it on the door to your room, keep it in your car or even turn it into a necklace and wear it. Each time you come across that symbol you will remember that big goal you are after and the big picture will be kept in your mind. (see also How to remind yourself of your goals)
  • 3) Take breaks: The problem with being a workaholic and with taking few vacations is that it kills your creative power. When you spend free time , Travel or get exposed to nature your mind starts to wander freely and as a result creativity gets unleashed. Try to sit by the sea or in a clam green park and see where your thoughts will go. Most probably you will find yourself thinking about the big picture (see also Why open spaces can help you become more creative)
  • 4) Avoid all distractions during planning time: When you plan for the future keep your mobile phone away, avoid internet access and don't bring any gadgets with you. The best place to plan for your future would be a place that brings you closer to nature and that takes you away from modern life with all of its distractions (see also How to avoid distractions in life)
  • 5) Write your mission statement and read it often: Write down your mission statement, your life goals or your dreams in a line or two then read them once a day. You can do that every morning or right before you fall asleep. By doing so you will always keep the big picture in mind

Getting lost in the details

So many people start their missions in life with great enthusiasm but as life keeps hitting them with its endless problems they slowly start to forget about these missions and become more focused on meeting their daily needs.

"I feel bored now i want to do something interesting", "I am very tired of work now i need something distracting" or "i need to keep myself busy to forget about something" are all examples of ways people use to distract themselves on daily basis. I am not saying that distracting yourself is always a bad thing but it becomes a real issue when you distract yourself to the extent that you forget your purpose in life and your main mission. (see also Is distracting myself a good thing)

If you are still in the beginning of the road then let me tell you about what you are going to face beforehand. Life is full of distractions that come in the form of daily problems. Without a proper system to keep your goals in mind you will easily lose track of your main mission.

Whether we like it or not we get exposed to a tremendous amount of negativity in our lives. If we didn't balance this negativity with an equivalent amount of positivity we will certainly become pessimistic, sad and eventually depressed.

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