How to win a verbal fight

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to win a verbal fight

In this article i am not talking about convincing people or winning debates but instead i am talking about verbal fights that involve verbal assaults from people.

Of course you should do your best to avoid verbal fights at all costs but some people will still force you into one of these fights even if you tried to avoid them.

Verbal fights can consume your energy, make you feel bad and spoil your day and that's why it makes a lot of sense to learn how to win a verbal fight without being aggressive.

Step by step guide to winning a verbal fight

    Never become defensive: If someone criticized you in a non constructive way during a verbal fight then you should never defend yourself because this will give him the chance to take his breath and to attack you once again, Instead you must respond with a counter attack.
  • Never involve his Ego: Your counter attack must never be harsh or direct. If you replied back shouting or cursing the person then you will trigger his ego defenses and he might become more aggressive
  • How to paralyze someone: In order to win a verbal fight you need to do two things, the first is to paralyze your opponent and the second is to leave right away not to give him the chance to respond after he recovers from the paralysis. Paralyzing someone is as simple as replying back with words that require some processing instead of ones that can be easily understood. For example if someone's zodiac sign was "Leo" you could counter his attack by saying, "it doesn't suit you to be a Leo at all man, if i wasn't sure of your birth date i would have never believed that"
  • What will happen inside his mind: Right after you say something like that the person will start analyzing the complex response you just gave, in the previous example the guy will start to wonder why doesn't he look like a Leo. That's the state of paralysis i am talking about, once you drag someone into this state you will only have one remaining step to win a verbal fight
  • If you knocked the world wrestling champ down then never ask for another bout:
    Once you paralyze your opponent in a verbal fight just leave as a winner instead of staying more and going home feeling defeated. Leaving at this stage will certainly make the other person feel defeated

Please use this information wisely and try to avoid verbal fights

The previous info is based on psychology and can sometimes cause great emotional pain if done professionally that's why i strongly recommend that you don't use them against anyone.

Let these skills be like nuclear weapons that countries have, even though they might never use them still they will make them feel safe.

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