The right way to argue with people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The right way to argue with people

How many times you found yourself arguing with people but reaching nowhere?
When was the last time you failed to convince someone?
When was the last time you lost an important debate?

Debating isn't usually a good idea because it sometimes results in hatred and jealousy between people, however, there are certain times where you will find yourself defending a noble cause and not having any options other than going into a debate.

At this point winning the debate could be a must and there might be bad consequences if you didn't win it, that's why i decided to write this article to tell you how to win debates.

Tactics for winning debates

  • Once you are stuck respond with a counter attack: If someone asked you a tough question don't get stuck by trying to reply to it but instead distract him with a tougher question. Example, A friend: I don't think your suggestion will work. You: If mine failed then yours will never work because it has lots of flaws
  • Move away from the areas that the other person is comfortable with: You don't have any chance in winning when debating with someone who knows more than you that's why you must always lure the person away from the areas he knows a lot about
  • Drag him to areas that he knows a little about: if someone doesn't know how an orange looks like then you can convince him that anything is an orange. Once you drag a person to an area where he has little knowledge winning the debate would be an easy task
  • Use his own belief system: One of the biggest mistakes people make when debating with each other is that they refer to their own belief systems instead of the belief system of the person they are debating with. For example if someone believes in a certain religion then quote some of the sayings of his religion in order to support your argument (see How to persuade someone
  • Sometimes you have to prove it by example: In certain situations debating would lead to nothing, sometimes you have to show the person by example that he is wrong and once you do that you will certainly win the debate in seconds. If there is any chance for showing him what you mean then do it right away
  • Self confidence can be more convincing than facts:In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the more confident you appear to be the more you will be able to convince people faster and the easier you will win debates
  • Use social proof: Once you get two other people to agree with you then debating with a fourth person will be a piece of cake, according to social proof theory most people wont be able to go against three people at the same time
  • Use information and facts: People tend to believe more in statistics, numbers, charts and tangible evidence. It will be easy to win a debate once you provide a person with some of them

Play the devil's advocate

Its always a good idea to get prepared before an important debate. Try to figure out the most important questions you will be asked and to think of solid answers in advance.

Your subconscious mind can help you come up with perfect answers to important questions provided that it has time. If you slept on the questions then you might find new great answers popping into your mind the next day.

One final advice is to avoid arguments and debates whenever possible unless there is a very important matter being discussed. This will help you make less enemies.

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