Using Hypnosis for Faster recovery from burns and fractures

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Hypnosis and Faster Recovery

Do you know that hypnosis can help you recover faster from fractures and even increase the speed of the self healing process your body undergoes?

It was found that patients suffering from fractures and burns who received hypnotic suggestions in addition to normal methods of treatment recovered much faster than those who didn’t receive hypnotic suggestions.

In case one of your bones was broken, had some kind of burn or if you suffer from any kind of injury then you can enhance your recovery process and help it become faster by using hypnosis sessions and hypnotic suggestions.

How does Recovery with Hypnosis Work

When it comes to accepting the concept of recovering faster using hypnosis there will usually be a belief that some of us will have that stands in the way of accepting this method of recovery.

It’s the belief that our body is already using the fastest possible speed of recovery to heal its wounds and fractures. Lets examine that belief together.

Did you notice that when you are happy and stress free you recover faster from most types of illnesses?
Did you notice that being down could slow down your recovery from some diseases?
And didn’t you also notice that being surrounded by a loving family or close friends could make you recover faster from some kind of illnesses?

Of course you have noticed such things before and the conclusion we can reach out of these facts is that your body does already have the ability to recover faster.

Because there are other factors that hinders it from using its full speed the body doesn't always recover fast from such injuries.

Its like owning a car that can run as fast as 200 miles/hours yet its only running at 100miles/hours because the driver is afraid to drive faster. If someone managed to make the car go as fast as 200 miles/hour it will be able to make it. To sum up with hypnosis your body can reach its maximum healing speed.

How to use Hypnosis to Recover Faster?

If I start to give you suggestions that you are going to recover faster, your conscious mind is going to be skeptic. It might tell you something like “hey, that can't happen, we didn’t use medication nor made any additional step, how come can we recover faster?”

The best way to deal with this skeptic conscious mind is sending it to sleep. By using self hypnosis you are going to let this skeptic conscious mind be absent and so you will be able to send suggestions to your subconscious mind directly.

The suggestions could be anything like; “ I am recovering faster” , “I will recover within 2 weeks” or they could be in the form of visualizing your wounds recovering faster.

If you are suffering from any kind of injury then don’t wait anymore, use hypnosis in addition to the normal treatment you are receiving in order to increase the speed of your recovery.

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