Using hypnosis for weight loss

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Using hypnosis for weight loss

Using hypnosis for weight loss is one of the very effective methods that can help people who are sick of dieting.

Hypnosis is used to change the person's eating habits which are usually the main reason behind his obesity.

By targeting the root cause which is the eating habits instead of targeting the symptoms hypnosis can help the person lose weight fast and in an easy way.

how does weight loss using hypnosis work

The main principle that weight loss using hypnosis depends on is changing your false beliefs about food that let you eat a lot and so gain weight.

Here are some false beliefs about food and about weight loss that prevents people from losing weight:

  • Food makes me forget about my problems: Some people eat when they feel down or bored and not when they feel hungry!! By fixing this false belief using hypnosis you won’t escape to food when you feel bad
  • Exercising is painful: some people think of pain when exercising is mentioned. By changing this unconscious belief about exercising people can find it easier to work out and so lose weight
  • Not being able to imagine the final outcome: If you can't visualize the image of the ideal shape you want to reach after losing weight then you will hardly be motivated to stop eating. By using hypnosis to implement in your subconscious mind images of your targeted body shape you will become motivated to stop eating and to lose weight

How to lose weight loss using hypnosis

  1. Step one: Record your weight loss suggestions on a tape. These suggestions should be targeting your own false beliefs
  2. Step two: self hypnotize yourself (if you don’t know how to do it check the Free guide for self hypnosis)
  3. Step three: hear the tape while you are in the hypnotic trance state
  4. Step four: keep repeating the whole process each few days until you get a result. Note that the result won’t be weight loss but it will be a change in your eating or exercising habits and as a result weight loss will follow.

Use suggestions correctly

Don't make the mistake of using direct weight loss suggestions such as "I am losing weight" or "i am burning fats" when doing hypnosis. While such suggestions can help still the best way to lose weight is to use hypnosis to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from losing weight.

Suggestions such as "I am eating healthy food" or "I am exorcising everyday" can be much more effective since they are directly Targeting the root causes for obesity.

Hypnosis isn't magic but its a way to motivate your mind to follow the new plan you came up with.

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